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While Dreaming

This game generates a new story every time you play. · By eightbitskyline

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A topic by HaydenRaven created May 26, 2018 Views: 328 Replies: 1
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This is no game, it is a personalized experience in which the player is able to draw new realities out from the art which the developer has constructed. Constantly through my game following the window scene, I was baffled and tried to make sense of it all. However I believe the point of this game is not to find tangible meaning, but rather taking the scenery for what it is. I took that this is a very simple and relaxing game in today's high endurance FPS centered gaming world. Rather this game made me slow down and truly think on what I was gazing into, only then was I able to see the human emotions behind each slide. I found myself then drawing the infinite realities in which the scenes were contained, however the scenes themselves were simply wonderful. This is a slow paced, easy and relaxing experience I will not forget. Such a calm and nearly meditative-transient state of existence. 



Thank you for your comment and playthrough! As for the game, you've pretty much described the intention behind it... I'm so happy that it worked that way for you! Adding your video to my YouTube channel :-)