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Hey everyone and welcome to Core Defense!

I’m the developer ehmprah and I’m always happy to help, just head over to our Discord and say the word.

This game is in active development – and your feedback and ideas are very welcome. I’m trying to make this game the best it can be, and that’s only possible with your feedback, so keep it coming! :-)

Cheers, ehmprah

Awesome video, a pleasure to watch! I like your style, you’re not trying super hard to be funny or otherwise unique but just invite the viewer to join you in actual gameplay. Would love to see more!

Core Defense is now available! :-)

A roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding.

Survive fifty waves without losing your core. Choose a reward, update your build, survive the next wave, repeat. Draft a winning combination of walls, towers, abilities, upgrades and modules and defend your core to the end!

Choice overload, in a good way

Rewards in Core Defense come in three rarities: common, uncommon and rare. Aside from additional walls to extend your maze, you will get to choose up to seven towers and abilities per run. Once you have a tower or ability, you will start rolling upgrades for these in future rewards.

The icing on the cake

And to top it all off you can get core modules as rewards which shake things up by granting global bonuses, more rewards to choose from, extra rerolls and the like. Core modules don't roll as often in normal rewards, but boss waves are guaranteed to roll only core modules as rewards.

  • Permadeath: Your decisions count! 
  • Replayable: Each run is unique through randomized waves and rewards.
  • Short sessions: one run takes about an hour.
  • Hit me: High base difficulty and extra difficulty levels.
  • Highscore Cards: detailed run statistics.
  • Achievements: Gotta catch 'em all!

After a short public alpha – for which you can sign up on Discord – Core Defense will enter First Access here on in early 2020. When it gets released on Steam later, all owners will get a free Steam key for the game.

Welcome to the Coregrounds: unique tower defense gameplay meets the strategic diversity of a MOBA in this competitive strategy indie game with cross-platform multiplayer.