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@Raft Developer .. Here is a suggestion to fix this problem .. :

try to upload the same game files/update but with the old water texture (the one from v1.04) for us to try .. just the file that contain the water texture so we can replace the one we have now .. that might fix it . cuz i think the "new water" is the problem here.

i checked and i have both updated .

PLEASE try to find us a solution .. the V1.05 is unplayable for us .


Is Your Graphic Card AMD ? i tried the game with my Intel card ant it worked no problem .. the thing is that my intel is not strong enough so it lags , and that's why i need solution to make it work with the AMD

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V1.04 was working without any problems .. But now 1.05 with the new water texture i get this and i cant play the game !

i found that the problem has something to do with AMD Graphic card because when i tried it with Intel card the problem wasn't there .. but the Intel card isn't strong enough so i have to use the AMD .. PLEASE Fix this .


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If this was the problem you fixed Please tell me how exactly did you fix it ?


what did you uninstalled and re installed ? because there is no installation for the game !