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Thanks, that makes sense I think :) I was mostly interested in knowing what I'm supposed to do if I wanted to collect any sales I've made, and I believe this clears it up for me.

So tax interviews - what are they all about? How does this procedure work exactly and how mandatory is it?

The main reason I ask is that I was planning on selling stuff on the website and I'm relatively young, in the sense that I'm still a legal adult but not older than 30, and I have no clue about taxes (in fact, the topic kind of intimidates me at present because, from what I remember, I was discouraged from asking and basically got next to no concrete information). As far as I understand from the description on the tax interview page, what it seems to be telling me is basically "if you don't live in the USA, we will deduct a percentage from your sales", but that's where my confusion begins: do I understand that correctly? What does the interview require and what's it for in general? Do I have to take it even if the tax percentage will remain the same (I live in a country that doesn't have a tax treaty with the USA at present)? Will the website do the aforementioned tax deduction for me and/or do I need to do something locally in regards to taxes (e.g. go to the tax office in my area)? I'm not necessarily asking for legal advice as I doubt people will be able to give it to me, but if anything I'd just like to have this part of the website cleared up in a way that I understand in order to better orient myself and see what responsibilities there are that I must potentially take care of, and avoid continuing if it entails responsibilities that are too much for me at the moment. The last thing I want to do is blindly head in, mess something up, and then get myself into trouble because I couldn't handle what came my way or unwittingly didn't account for something important.


Thank you very much! Your idea about the meter on the left is correct. If you're interested, I can offer some insight on the asteroids speeding up when you speed up - I did in fact program that in, and you've had a really good eye for that detail. The asteroids were previously spawning with a consistent speed range, but I noticed that they were becoming too slow the faster the player was (they'd spawn, but the player could then easily zip past them if they stuck to the middle), making getting a higher score a bit too easy if RNG gave you enough permanent speed upgrades early on. So I made it so that asteroids would spawn with a velocity range relative to the player's, so that they would still need to watch out instead of kind of cheesing it, haha.

Nice little game. I'm digging the simple aesthetics. Controlling the ship sadly felt a bit awkward and it took me a little time to figure out how to aim and shoot, but the idea is pretty cool!

Can confirm now that the web build is indeed having a crashing issue - just uploaded a version with a bigger display and fixed music, and it completely freezes up for me (and as I'm having someone else make the web build for me since I haven't figured out how to do it on my own yet, I can't test it as readily as the executables). I'll try and see if I can fix this up, in the meantime the .zip versions shouldn't have this bug.

Okay, so the web build will need some checking then to see why it's crashing. For the time being, you could try the downloadable version instead if that works?

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Strange, the game shouldn't crash; it hasn't crashed for me or other people from what I saw, so this is a first. What happens exactly after those 20 seconds, does it freeze up completely and stop responding to inputs or something of that ilk? Also kind of trying to get the web version properly up and running with some help, if you've tried playing that version - I have something but currently the music bugs out and stops.

Nice and simple! I like how you implemented the balance theme into the gameplay. The enemies are deceptively easy thanks to the balance element so I've found myself getting a little ahead of myself a few times due to how I play shmups haha (a habit named "try to kill every enemy on the screen as fast as possible and avoid getting hit"). Not sure if I'm a fan of the shooting sound (just an audible "pew"), but the rest is really great. :)

Thanks! I try to work every day to get better :)

I'll check your game out :) May or may not be able to leave a detailed review like you did but I'll try to provide useful feedback haha.

Hi, as the artist I'd like to chime in on the animation looking too smooth and unnatural. Unfortunately even though I'd like to take upon animation myself someday, I still have very little experience and all the anims had a very short deadline (meaning I had to get them done fast) so that might be why it looked too smooth and unnatural. I'm glad to hear that you liked the art style though :)

Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing the title screen art and animating the cat and mouse :)