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"Ready" as in a free playtest version of this Forged in the Dark roleplay pamphlet is ready to be downloaded. 

Human police partnered with synthetic officers are the the line between civilization and technological chaos. HUMAN... ALMOST is a post-cyberpunk roleplaying pamphlet designed with arresting police procedural tropes. Taking advantage of a tag-based Forged in the Dark variant (tags serve as shorthand notes describing the investigator's personality/motivations), this RPG lets you play out a TV police procedural set 21 minutes into the future. The world is bright, but the technology is out of control. Stop crime. Save the future. 

If you're interested in Forged in the Dark mechanics and police tropes in a near-future setting, this project awaits. More importantly, it could use your feedback. Download the playtest version and share your thoughts in the comments or on my Google Form. Thanks for checking HUMAN... ALMOST out! :-) 

In addition, this project has been submitted to the One-Page RPG Jam 2022!


Cromos Three

I more than feel that, that cost is awful and I'm sorry about it. I would love to find a cheaper option, I really would. :-(

Hello Hafle! Thank you for the kind words, they made my weekend! :-) 

I'd love to get you a physical copy, but the cost from the US to Australia is US$28 plus the zine. I hate that cost more than you could know. :-( If I were aware of an RPG zine distro for Australia, I'd ship them in a minute! 

The best option I can offer is waiting until my next Kickstarter (July/August) and ordering POWERED by the DREAMR and the other zine I'll be kickstarting (FATE-nheit 4D6) so it maximizes the shipping costs.

But, I'm happy to ship it to you. Ping me here, FB, or Twitter and I'll get it out to you. :-)

Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate them! :-D