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Hello Hafle! Thank you for the kind words, they made my weekend! :-) 

I'd love to get you a physical copy, but the cost from the US to Australia is US$28 plus the zine. I hate that cost more than you could know. :-( If I were aware of an RPG zine distro for Australia, I'd ship them in a minute! 

The best option I can offer is waiting until my next Kickstarter (July/August) and ordering POWERED by the DREAMR and the other zine I'll be kickstarting (FATE-nheit 4D6) so it maximizes the shipping costs.

But, I'm happy to ship it to you. Ping me here, FB, or Twitter and I'll get it out to you. :-)

ah man, I appreciate you getting back to me but the shippings a little too steep for me right now. theres always the pdf!

I more than feel that, that cost is awful and I'm sorry about it. I would love to find a cheaper option, I really would. :-(