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Great animations and art style!

Awesome music, voiceover, and sfx!

Great idea!  I'm going to remind myself how to get the source back into PuzzleScript and perhaps I'll update the game with that counter.


Thank you!  The SOTC mode definitely took a lot of time and effort to put together.

I wouldn't be opposed to fleshing it out more, but I mostly made it for the big 'reveals' that I won't spoil in the comments.

Glad you found some fun it the games!

This is a fair request!  From my end, I usually develop and test on lower spec machines.

If I have time between projects and I can find this one backed up somewhere, I'll dig it up and update it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi!  Unfortunately there's no plan to make a PCVR version, but I appreciate the interest.  To be honest, I hadn't even considered that as a 'platform' option, so now I'll keep it in mind during future project development.

Hi!  Thanks for the kind and fair review and thanks for playing as much as you did!

A few people bought hearts on the mobile version, so I'm about $90 away from the $100 goal LOL.  Ah well, I have the project backed up with a few cool new mechanics and I am willing to go back and dust it off if I ever reach that threshold.

Thanks again, cheers!

I'll add it, thanks!  I wasn't sure if that's appropriate for an Oculus game, even though the file is an apk.

This is awesome!  Great level design!

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This is _The Best List_ for (mostly) free resources:

Some MVPs from that list:

  • GB Studio - A drag and drop gameboy interface that lets you do some scripting. Export to html or an actual gameboy rom!
  • PuzzleScript - An open source, HTML5 puzzle-game oriented editor.
  • Twine - An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. Has a big community and multiple versions and themes.
  • Ren'Py - Free, open source cross-platform Visual Novel development engine.
  • Godot - Perhaps the most complete and well documented open source engine, for 2d and 3d.
  • Adventure Game Studio - Free engine for making point & click adventure games.  Good forums and strong community around this one.
  • Visual Pinball - A pinball making engine.  Yo, pinball is legit.
  • If you're using Unity, check out the list of extenders that will save you time and energy.

And all the Art/Sound stuff is great.


Remember to think tiny and make a 'complete' experience.  Doesn't have to be an infinite dungeon crawler or a multiplayer hero shooter.  (old) Arcade games are a great inspirational point for simple concepts.

Common Roles that are helpful on a team (you don't need all of these):

-Programmer - Doesn't matter what language.

-Writer - esp for narrative games that use things like Twine or Ren'Py. 

-Musician - For music and/or sfx.  You can also find royalty free music most places.

-Artist - 2D, 3D, User Interface (buttons, frames, etc).  An artist will make your nonsensical house of cards look like the Palace of Versailles.

-Project Manager - It takes a lot of work to keep everyone on task using a tool like Trello, Kanban, Codecks, etc.  PMs also usually unblock problems for other team members (ex. I don't know what art program to use because I'm broke - PM find a good easy to use solution).

Theme / Mechanical Twist:

The theme is "Pop!"

The mechanical twist is "Game Over in 60 Seconds" The main playing of your game should not exceed one minute.

Please do not let this stop you from making a game.  The theme is supposed to be a fun guide to get your brain doing backflips.

An example theme is "Waves".  You could make a game with waves of enemies, or a game about surfing, or a game about communication via radio waves, etc etc etc.

An example of a Mechanical Twist is "One button".  Your game must be playable by pressing only one button.  Hilarious, right?

If you're looking for a teammate, don't be shy.

Post what you'd like to focus on for this jam and what skills you'd like to work with.

If you don't team up, no big deal!  You should still make a game!


Have: Programming (me), Project Management (me)

Want: Art, Sound

I have a game idea in mind so I'm going to make that but I'm willing to hear design ideas.

Grats on the release!

Extremely tight mechanics.  You're clearly a TF2 aficionado.  Love seeing this puzzly mechanic in a 2D platformer!

Grats on the release!

A very funny 'mouse slasher' with seriously cool mechanics.

Grats on the release!

Love the separate zone achievement lists!

Gratz on release!

Grats on release!

Grats on release!

Grats on release!


When you see it!


I recently reread "Mending Wall" and it inspired a small-scope multiplayer game.

Two players, one keyboard.  Your hands may touch!

The free demo lasts four seasons.  The full game is (theoretically) endless, though it might get really difficult later on.


Come see me.

Congrats on the release!

Can't wait to try it out!

Hey, looks like you've listed the game for Mac but there's no Mac .app in there!

I worked on it for about a week, but many hours each day.  I'm experienced with Unity, though this is my first VR project.  Trying to make smaller-scoped titles to bolster my skills.


Thanks for being a part of the Racial Justice Bundle!

I used some of your music in my VR game:


Scott, what an amazing game.  I still think about it a bunch.

Please shoot me a message on Discord so we can talk about this summer!

Alt+F4... Classic.  Cool idea, good work!

Thanks for playing!  Not sure if it would help, but I think the black keys will make your character faster or slower.  We made this during the GGJ a couple of years ago.


New best time.  Come see me.

Cool idea!  I'd love to see this expanded upon (different colors, canvases, objectives, etc.)

You created the beginnings of a really cool game / world.  I'd love to see this expanded upon.

Thank you!  Been looking for "To the right, hold on tight" because I remember it being important during my education.  Time to pay it forward.

Thanks for your comments!  Are all of the game modes too difficult?  I am currently working on an easier game that's similar to this.  I hope you'll check that out, too, and enjoy it!

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Hi all,

I made a game yesterday instead of watching the Super Bowl.   It's called The Longest Pass.

It hinges on surprise so I don't want to paste any pictures or videos, but it is a game about football and language.

It should only take a few minutes to play if you're good.  My high score is 0:30


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Nice!  My group made something similar during the Global Game Jam a few years ago:

Each time one player picks up a glitch icon, it glitches the other player's controls in one of a few ways.  Glitches can stack.

Hi all,

Over the Global Game Jam weekend, my groupmate and I made a game we think is pretty cool.  In Upl0ad , you interact with the environment to help F1L3 reach his final destination, The Cloud.

We made this game because I wanted to experiment with using a piano keyboard as a controller and because Alex (@backsauce on itch) is very good at making delightful art.  See images and gameplay example below.


Note: I added computer keyboard controls after the jam.  If playing with a MIDI keyboard, you'll probably have to set the octave to -1.  Also, you'll have to resize the window to make it portrait.  Sorry, Unity was being finicky with that!

Thanks for the recommendations and the thoughts on puzzle games!  I'm downloading The Cube (from the makers of Rusty Lake Roots) and if I like it I'll definitely purchase RLR.

And since we're mentioning puzzle games we've made, I released Dee Dum on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux: