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Gratz on release!

Grats on release!

Grats on release!

Grats on release!


When you see it!


I recently reread "Mending Wall" and it inspired a small-scope multiplayer game.

Two players, one keyboard.  Your hands may touch!

The free demo lasts four seasons.  The full game is (theoretically) endless, though it might get really difficult later on.


Come see me.

Congrats on the release!

Can't wait to try it out!

Hey, looks like you've listed the game for Mac but there's no Mac .app in there!

I worked on it for about a week, but many hours each day.  I'm experienced with Unity, though this is my first VR project.  Trying to make smaller-scoped titles to bolster my skills.


Thanks for being a part of the Racial Justice Bundle!

I used some of your music in my VR game:


Scott, what an amazing game.  I still think about it a bunch.

Please shoot me a message on Discord so we can talk about this summer!

Alt+F4... Classic.  Cool idea, good work!

Thanks for playing!  Not sure if it would help, but I think the black keys will make your character faster or slower.  We made this during the GGJ a couple of years ago.


New best time.  Come see me.

Cool idea!  I'd love to see this expanded upon (different colors, canvases, objectives, etc.)

You created the beginnings of a really cool game / world.  I'd love to see this expanded upon.

Thank you!  Been looking for "To the right, hold on tight" because I remember it being important during my education.  Time to pay it forward.

Thanks for your comments!  Are all of the game modes too difficult?  I am currently working on an easier game that's similar to this.  I hope you'll check that out, too, and enjoy it!

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Hi all,

I made a game yesterday instead of watching the Super Bowl.   It's called The Longest Pass.

It hinges on surprise so I don't want to paste any pictures or videos, but it is a game about football and language.

It should only take a few minutes to play if you're good.  My high score is 0:30


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Nice!  My group made something similar during the Global Game Jam a few years ago:

Each time one player picks up a glitch icon, it glitches the other player's controls in one of a few ways.  Glitches can stack.

Hi all,

Over the Global Game Jam weekend, my groupmate and I made a game we think is pretty cool.  In Upl0ad , you interact with the environment to help F1L3 reach his final destination, The Cloud.

We made this game because I wanted to experiment with using a piano keyboard as a controller and because Alex (@backsauce on itch) is very good at making delightful art.  See images and gameplay example below.


Note: I added computer keyboard controls after the jam.  If playing with a MIDI keyboard, you'll probably have to set the octave to -1.  Also, you'll have to resize the window to make it portrait.  Sorry, Unity was being finicky with that!

Thanks for the recommendations and the thoughts on puzzle games!  I'm downloading The Cube (from the makers of Rusty Lake Roots) and if I like it I'll definitely purchase RLR.

And since we're mentioning puzzle games we've made, I released Dee Dum on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux:

Tiny Upload link for the .model:

For my upcoming arcade racer Dead Zone.

Thanks for checking it out!

Ten Flights of Ballooning on

Ten Flights of Ballooning is a compilation of games based on Pippin Barr's IndieCade East 2016 talk, "36 Reasons to Make the Same Game 26 Times." The challenge began right away by faithfully recreating a classic game (I chose the Balloon Trip mode in Balloon Fight). There's so much nuanced design in so many classic games that it's difficult to truly appreciate until you try to make it yourself. After making what I feel is an accurate recreation, I then twisted and turned a handful of design knobs in order to make 8 variations on the core game.

The result is a full-featured collection of games I'm sure you'll enjoy discovering.

It's pay what you want at the moment. If you want to help me pay off student loans, anything more than $0.00 would be super useful. I also understand paying $0.00!

The game works with a keyboard, a DualShock 4 controller, or an Xbox 360/One controller. Included is a drive for Mac to recognize Xbox controllers.

Some media for you to enjoy:

Thanks! I hope you have a good time!

Just getting around to posting this:

Last week my team made Pelt 'Em for the 2017 Global Game Jam. It's an arena shooter, except you're pelting children in a ball pit. It's got a sense of humor.


WASD moves

Left Shit runs

Space jumps

Hold Right Click to suck up balls and add them to your ball pit cannon. Max 4 balls, which rotate around the tip of your cannon

Left Click will shoot the top-most ball rotating around your cannon.

Check a slightly sped up gameplay vid below:

Can you get through and beyond Wave 10? There's a dark narrative somewhere in there.


Programming, Audio - Eric Guadara
Programming, Design - Ryan Cantar
Design - Gerard Gilmartin
Design, Art - Cheng Zhang

Protip: I find the best strategy to be running and jumping a LOT. The balls in the pit slow you down substantially, so bunny-hopping is the way to go.

Hi all! I've just released my first PICO-8 title, LCRS.

Here's a link:

About the game:

  • 2 Players, cooperative
  • Score-attack retro arcade action
  • Pick up refugees and drop them off in a safe zone.
  • Scoring clears your trail (not your partner's!) and also clears the current refugees on screen.
  • Running into your own trail, your partner's trail, a hostile, or an environmental obstacle will crash your cycle.
  • Up (or E, for Player 1) will jump a short distance, which is useful in dodging trails or hostiles.
  • For a simple single player mode, navigate one player off of the screen by jumping over the outside border. (A proper mode select is in the works.)
  • While it is playable by one person, the game really shines with two, as working together to pick up refugees and avoid each other's trail becomes very hectic, very fast.

I mostly worked on this in order to learn Lua. For the last year+ I've been working in Unity with C# and figure I should broaden my programming language knowledge base at least a little bit. I followed a tutorial that helped me grasp some of the syntactical differences between C# and Lua, but once I saw the potential for a game, I went off the rails a bit.

I can't believe how cool PICO-8 is. The restrictions are fantastic for forcing creativity, and exporting process is extremely simple. Here's a picture of the cart if you have PICO-8 and want to download it/poke around in it:

Some radical GIFs:

Thanks for checking it out!