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Upl0ad - A MIDI Keyboard Puzzle Adventure

A topic by Eric Guadara created Jan 31, 2018 Views: 68
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Hi all,

Over the Global Game Jam weekend, my groupmate and I made a game we think is pretty cool.  In Upl0ad , you interact with the environment to help F1L3 reach his final destination, The Cloud.

We made this game because I wanted to experiment with using a piano keyboard as a controller and because Alex (@backsauce on itch) is very good at making delightful art.  See images and gameplay example below.


Note: I added computer keyboard controls after the jam.  If playing with a MIDI keyboard, you'll probably have to set the octave to -1.  Also, you'll have to resize the window to make it portrait.  Sorry, Unity was being finicky with that!