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Incredible the amount of polished content you guys made within such a short time frame!

Love the character models and the jokes!

took us a little while XD but a small update is live, another bigger one is planned for later this year

Sounds like we have a deal

let's join together and make one game and all win.

My idea is that well, it depends if the theme would fit with it, is a sidescrolling adventure game with no dialogue about connecting with someone, and one of the ways I want to make the NPC feel real is by making them try and encourage the player to do specific actions - ex. jumping together (doesn't make a lot of sense on paper but will a lot more on-screen). there is no twitch gameplay in it or even any actual challenge, there is I think one section I want where the player jumps upwards, the question is, if there is no real challenge and the game is entirely story focused to the point where every single mechanic is used to enhance story beats and not to challenge, would it still be considered an adventure game?

i think it's similar to how Night in The Woods uses the mechanic, it's used to tell the story but not the main crux of it.

curious, when does something stop being an adventure game?

if something has mechanics from other genres but barely uses them \ only uses them as basic mechanic (aka movement) could they still be considered an adventure game if their entire focus is on story?

I just get an empty city, i cant find the game

You're a pretty good writer and this is definitely a funny concept. also liked the art and music tbh.

didn't expect to say this about a game with a title this wild but good job!

Wow can't believe people are just abusing this guy's game. He spent his time sweat and blood on it.

Anwyay here is a game from another game jam I did 4 months ago, I'd love your opinions

I cried 4 times, and that was just at the settings page

So you're saying you agree

Best Game so Far

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ummm. there isn't a game to play

Hey Man, thanks so much for the comment,

ya overscoping was a big issue, we only got to making the level and adding juice & balancing very late and less than we would have liked.

we plan on updating the game to add a bunch of polish and make everything feel better and actually make you feel like your taking over enemies and building a large army.

Wow! Wow! You are Awesome, thank you for checking it out, just watched your video! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!

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Btw if you liked this game you might like this Game Jam game I worked on.

it's supposed to be in a similar style but still its own thing.

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Wow, Thank you So Much!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

If Your Up for it, the game has been updated :)

though we are planning another update to come out in a while

I have a 3080, had framerate problems too, just fixed it in the update if you want to try again :))

Wow! I Didnt even know the game had Gamepad support!

Thank you for the kind words!

Completely Agree!!

if you update it send me a message I'd love to play it!

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hard game! i enjoy difficult games and I think with some tuning this can be really great. the controls can be a bit tighter and the jump doesn't work as planned every time, but overall I had an extremely nice time. i really like the difficulty options, most people wouldn't include that in a jam and it gives great replay value!

one of the more impressive games of the jam in my opinion and can be great if you tweak the game a bit.

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Guess my comment didn't go through,

i really enjoyed the game! the graphics are great and the music is nice.

the movement is somewhat floaty and I wish you included some non-procedural level design.

but besides those nitpicks, I really liked the game! it fits the theme really well and was a really well polished and fantastic execution! i have to say the death animation I particularly loved. 

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Nice Idea! I like the idea of purchasing checkpoints.

i couldn't beat the game sadly, I couldn't jump high enough :(

if you decide to update it, I'd love to play it again!!

Really Neat!

i just wish the camera was a bit more pulled back.

but a fun experience!

Wow, really great game!

i really got immersed, real nice, I hoped that there was more of an indicator to tell how long you have before a tree is destroyed or how long you need to spray them to save them.

got a high score of 108!

btw I'd love if you could check out our game as well ! :))

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Wow, i really liked the game!

great and unique mechanic! the level design is quite nice as well!

you've got promise, If your considering it perhaps I'd recommend you go study game creation, I honestly feel that you have great potential!!

So ya, really good game!

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extremely impressive! love the art and the music!

i noticed the game used procedural generation! nice addition!

i got stuck sadly in a platform section :(

Thank you so much! the text problem is being cleared up in the Update after the Jam! :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

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i had a pleasant time, the only version of flappy bird I can get into (I'm not into frustration games) that being said, i believe most people will say this is too slow for them

BTW Was this created before the jam?

i saw on your page comments from 2 months ago

alright i finally found it!

i just beat it the problem you mentioned with the checkpoint was the problem.

really nice setpieces, I'm glad I got to experience them :)

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Took a few jabs at it.

really like it. i honestly love the idea of a skeleton going shopping.

the level was good and short enough that when you made mistakes it wasn't a big issue.

i also love the win screen.

overall really nice game, good job!

Doesn't Work Sadly :(

I actually played this the day you posted it, way before the deadline.

i like how it starts with the cutscene but I couldn't beat it. i think this is a great flappy bird clone though,  you actually have level design and an idea of a narrative, an improvement over the original. sadly it just was never my cup of tea, but I can really respect what you accomplished here especially in such little time.

your game actually inspired a section in our game.

I'd love it if you could check it out too btw :)

Oh Ya Found that!

its already been fixed in the planned update

Pretty Nice Game, i couldn't beat it even after 6 runs unbeatable at portions sadly, you can't jump high enough if you miss certain keys, I reached the purple chest for example and nothing really happened besides the screen shaking, the chest wouldn't even open. overall it's almost there, I'd make another update if I were you, get all the bugs out of the way and make it possible to backtrack.

very nice project besides that, I really enjoyed the cutscene, art, and overall design.

if possible, I'd love it if you could check out our game as well :)

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Really Nice!

i had a hard time getting the mechanic to work at first and i'd likely give a stronger tutorial area to explain how it works but overall really great project

i gotta say for real my favorite part of the design was how you couldn't reach the edge until you gained enough speed

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Awesome! Im Really Glad you enjoyed it!

we're currently working on an update for it for, after the jam, spikes are supposed to surround the entire play space, can I ask where you happened to fall?