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Fun little game, I like it. Disaster averted! ;)

Thanks! It worked. I did TAKE KEY WITH..., but seems TAKE doesn't work as GET.

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Can you help with comnand for taking key? I have everything I need in my inventory but can't find the right verb to take key.

Can't find the right combo to end the game. Can you maybe share the exact command? I tried all possible adverbs alone and in combination with yes and sure.

Thanks! As a geocacher I enjoyed in this. :)

Thank you!

I found three caches and have 45/50 points. I'm at the port trying to board my ship. When I say BOARD SHIP it asks "Are you sure you want to board and end you adventure?". Can find the right command here. I tried YES, SURE, and number of others, but nothing works. Can you share the right command for boarding? Or maybe this is not actual end?

These three are connected...

anything to paddle the canoe with

anything to support the boards with

anything to hit with the hammer.

I also struggle with safe and doctor's door. I assume once we open safe, batteries will find their purpose, but maybe I'm wrong. 

Any hint on how to find work list or password for computer (if worklist is there)?

Found the right combo of words and completed Day 1 :)

Found Queen, found answer to question, but now I have no idea how to tell her that answer. I tried all possible combinations of TALK, ASK, SAY, TELL, or just ANSWER but nothing work. Help! So, close to Day 1. A bit scared what's waiting me in Day 2 :)

Bucket was there now. Another problem... I can see Queen but can't interact with here in any way (TALK QUEEN, ASK QUEEN, SAY QUEEN doesn't work). Also, when I X QUEEN it says she's not there. Help! :)

Nice game so far. I can't find bucket in the woods (I use LOOK AROUND command). I play on mobile (android) with chrome. Do I look in wrong places or is there some other issues?

Hmm, I tried that one before but didn't work. Maybe I actually didn't know the right noun.

Found the verb :)

Yes, I have ratchet and I think I know what Mr Maple should go to fix. But I can't find the right verb to make ratchet work on that object. 

I have fun with this game, but I stuck with 3rd evidence (Maple family). I think I know what I need to do but can't find a way to do it. Is it possible to get a hint or two so I can complete the game?

Yes, it's manual.

Nice and sweet game. Thank you!

Love this game very much! Made me think of all the great time I had in London navigating the Tube network trying to find as many geocaches as possible in short time I had there. Thank you!

I like this game very much. Thank you for sharing!

I like this game very much. Thank you for sharing!