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oh yeah

Really cool puzzle game. I got stuck for a loooong time on level 4 which made me want to quit at first but I'm glad I played it all the way through. Good stuff

Sorry for the late reply. 

The line is a Line2D node. The start and end points are the player and mouse position respectively. It's kinda complicated to explain here in text but to bend it you first just check if its close enough to do it, and if it is you get the mid point between the player and hand and offset it a little to the right or left. The closer the player and hand are the bigger the offset. Again, it's kinda hard to explain.

And if you're talking about HYPER JUMP that's in 2D. To jump I just move the player's sprite node up and down and that makes it look like it's jumping.

Hope it helps.

oh wow, congrats ;)

It should be fixed now. Would you mind trying again?

I tried but apparently you need a mac to export for it.

Does opening the game in an incognito tab fix it?

I saw someone else comment a similar thing on newgrounds so maybe there's some kind of bug. I'll look into it.

Oh wow, I didn't even know that was possible. Thanks for pointing it out :)

A few people also got that error with my last game. I'm not sure what causes it but I'll keep trying to fix it.

I guess I'm making more levels

oh no


Haha, still going strong. Nice to see you're having fun :)

Thanks, happy to hear that! Maybe I could add some extra levels...

I saw someone else comment that same thing and I do agree. I'll try to add that. Thanks for the kind words :)

Oooo. Thanks for playing it all the way through.

Yeah, I probably should limit the drift and death markers. Glad you liked it :)

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Short game about driving without brakes. Have fun.

Try it out

Played the whole thing. Really fun. The lever glitches out sometimes but great job.

Thanks for the feedback, really useful!

Most likely

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Here's a simple game about dodging and collecting little yellow orbs. Nothing more.

Give it a try!

I liked pretty much everything about it but I honestly was expecting to fight some boss at the end or something with all the power ups I collected on the way. Overall a great game and cool art style too, I'm a big fan of 1-bit games.

A complete banger of a track.

Fun and juicy, really liked it.

I couldn't catch the stream live so I had to watch the VOD. Thanks for the feedback on the golf aspect of the game, it gave me some ideas for how I could improve it.

Man is this addictive. I love it.

Man is this addictive. I love it.

Really fun and satisfying to hit a perfect landing on a slope. Great game.

Amazing game with great polish, I loved it.

Addicting as hell, great job.

Fun concept with funny voice acting, great game.

Fun but I feel like the level progression is kinda slow.

Really cute bear tho.

Really cool mechanic and nice puzzles. It's just a bit annoying when it sometimes drops your input for no reason. Other than that great game.

Cute game, the jumping can be kinda finicky sometimes tho.

Great concept. My only gripe is how much you need to wait during each tide but other than that cool game.

Really cool mechanic and very fun puzzles.

I love games like these, I think it would be cool if there was a single level which gets faster as it goes instead of selectable difficulties from the main menu tho. Fun stuff.