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Fan of the original, glad to see an effort being made.  Pretty light on gameplay so far, but art and music are promising.  Look forward to seeing where this goes.

Fun little demo, hope more content is developed

Not quite what I expected, and shorter than anticipated, but I did enjoy myself playing, so all good.

Almost sorry found this, as now I'm doomed to keep checking for updates

Have several games downloaded, played, much fun.   However, I currently have several games waiting for download... and they've been waiting a long time.  The downloads windows shows an active download, but nothing happens.  Have tried with several different games set as priority, but sits for hours with no progress.

Is there a way to refresh the queue or shock the line or something?  

 Can download things from other sites, and the game pages load, it's just the downloads that are stuck.

Pretty confidant Blue Moss gets sold in Aliron, but yeah, very rare.

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Far as I can tell am up to date, trying to get leather for upgrades.   Everything looks normal, but the amount of leather I have doesn't increase.  Thick leather has the same problem.  Other resources seem to work fine.

0.6.1b is the version listed.  Ancient bones also fail to harvest.
Tried uninstalling and starting with a fresh download, same problem.

Enjoyed playing, as I recall... but not finding a way to reset the game.   Loads all powerups as default, which kinda destroys the challenge.

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Ouch.  Heck of a difficulty curve.  First few battles (normal mode) take some getting used to, then things are pretty smooth sailing so long as pay attention.  Then about level 15 hit a wall.  Regular enemies aren't terrible, but grid you down, and boss monsters are a tank.  Shrug off everything you throw at them, and pour out damage, even after  you pick off the minions.  Specifically Yeon and Security Shimmer stomped me into the floor.

Edit:  New Game+ and a better understanding of party mechanics helped to greatly flatten the curve.  Later boss battles are harder, but not the same death spike.

Fairly sure recruited both properly, have both in my party, finished main quest.  Then spoke to Aire on her character page, something of 'sure you can keep training, but why?' 
'I have to protect the Princess.' 
'I can protect her.' 
'Prove it, kill an Elder Gryphon.'

My bad, was a second area opened in Travel destinations, Gryphon Lair, which held the rest of the quest.... which was a battle with a Demoness, as I assume the Elder Gryphon isn't fully coded.

This is a specific Quest line for an Elder Super Gryphon, or something, to prove to Arie you can take care of the Princess.   Check with the Workers Guild, who sends you to an expert Ranger, who leads you to the afore mentioned dungeon, which if I recall ended with a Lich.

Is mythic leather supposed to be super hard to obtain?  Need it to upgrade Alchemy III, where I hope can then craft it, but collecting in the first place is proving rough.  Two jungle dungeons, and a mere 7 leather.  Just bad luck on my part?

Is the Gryphon Quest currently completeable?  Went out into the forest to hunt it,  fought a dungeon full of bandits and undead, got a quest update that's just a placeholder, and can't seem to advance any further.  I may be missing something, but seems can't be finished.

Fondly remember 'Breeding Season' and the influence is pretty strong.  Obviously still a work in progress, has a long ways to go, but what's been done seems pretty solid.  Art is good,animation is great.  Story is a bit shakey but understand isn't done yet.  Same for the gameplay, what's there is good, but pretty obvious it's not all there.  In all, look forward to your final product.

Mayhaps.  I've yet to unlock everything and play with all the options, am finding  other powerful abilities.  Archer gets unlocked very early, so make Wind Flurry one of the first skills to get.

Sold and bought, is listed as back at the mansion, can date and use skills, but is marked 'Unadvailable' and can't access her gear.

Finding the archer skill Wind Flurry to be very powerful.  Two attack, no cost, no cool down?  Yes please.

The randomness of the second attack isn't perfect, but still wildly handy, and the wind  elemental effect is useful on most creatures.

May want to take a second look at the power balance. 

Having the same problem with Daisy stuck 1 hour away.

Nice.  A bit simple and short, but the animation is smooth and the controls easy to use.  The 'artistic' scenes aren't to my personal taste, but no reason they should be, are still well made.  Music sets a good background, and the sound effects are solid.  By no means a finished game, but doesn't claim to be.   Looks like will be a very good game when is finished.