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Thanks Ivan! Glad ye enjoyed the game ^^

Thanks for playing. Do you like the game? :)

Thanks brother ^^

Sunflower! :)



Got one of these for normal desktop export or only possible on html5?

Cheers ^^

Thanks :)

We did a kickstarter a while back that didn't get funded. I'm going to take the source code and make a new bullet hell at some stage. ^^

I forgot where  I put the live_call code and want to delete/comment out some. Is there a command or something in the server cmd that'll list all the code that has the live_call function? Cheers! Keep up the good work.

"rename YYMPs file to be a ZIP, extract it, and copy-paste the code from said GML file by hand.".

Life saver. Copied everything by hand, scripts, objs  and the GMLive Folder. Works a charm. Thanks mate. ^

Can't remember but I'd be happy to help via discord! I have decided not to update to the latest version of GMS2 for the exact reason that this might break again so yeah, no guarantees. Tricky business this is!

I managed to crack it. It works now! Thanks mate ^^

Yeah looks like it's deleting itself. or something else is interfering with debug msgs. There's only one in the init room and it is persistent.

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Thanks mate! I've got the game running now but the exe server isn't picking up any clients and nothing appears in the output window. Basically nothing is working. Windows 10, GMS2.3.1.542 Runtime

I've tried different version of GMS2.3 with no luck. Installed/Imported GMLive multiple times. I thought a macro might be the issue but that's all fine (set to 1). I was able to get it working on GMS1 way back but now, nothing. Any ideas on what could be the issue or things I could test to figure it out?

Having same error.

Thanks for playing lad! This is a good one.

Would love to watch another episode of this. ♥

Jump, Shoot, Jet Pack and Chicken? your way across Pallidworld in this silly metroidvania.





Try downloading it for Windows or try it in a different browser. I swear this worked back in 2017 lol. Maybe I'll go back and see what I can do.

In dissenter the game doesn't work for me. If there's no display or audio doesn't play, try downloading instead.

A let's talk. <3

Thanks man! :)

I'll message you when more happens.

Thanks Knight! I really appreciate your comment and I agree with a lot of your points.

Celestial Crusaders is on hiatus. Tri-Storm Studios leader Connor Ludovice is pretty busy at the moment and we intend on doing some animation projects on his Youtube channel pretty soon and start a Patreon to get some money rolling in so that we can try Celestial Crusaders again. I also believe we'll be going for a more hires look for Celestial Crusaders in the future.

I don't believe the project has been abandoned but Connor and I have some things to sort out before we return to the project.

Boss bullet "milking" is also something that was on my mind during development, a shorter timer or a slightly altered scoring system would probably fix this issue. As for the bonus rounds I was considering an entirely new set of patterns.

With Bonus rounds I've made them pass way faster than the ordinary rounds (double speed), this is of course with the exception of the boss who has the same health but faster bullets. New patterns AND 1 hit would probably be too much. New Patterns and normal hits would be better but I think that would defeat the point of a bonus round (Although I might make an exception for the TLB). There's a certain degree of excitement from battling a super hard version of a boss one is already familiar enough with at only 1hp to get insane rewards and that's something I love about the bonus rounds in CCrusaders. Fighting a boss twice is a pretty unique and personally I stand with it, casuals won't take issue with it. Boss Timer and Half Health would probably the issues.

I'm rambling now. Anyways thanks so much!

Is there anywhere I can watch your videos of you playing the game? I'd love to watch!

I'm also currently developing a metroidvania called "Super DynoStory". If you're interested I'd be happy to give you an early preview of the near complete final game. :)


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There is a Focus button. It's "Z". It was covered in the Tutorial. Perhaps I'll make Shift do a quick focus as it's something more familar.

I'll reconsider the pacing of the game. too

Thanks for your comment.

Beat the game bro! Do it! ;)