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Yeah looks like it's deleting itself. or something else is interfering with debug msgs. There's only one in the init room and it is persistent.


The object cannot delete itself, but check that you aren’t accidentally deactivating it or anything. You can add a show_error(””, 0) to CleanUp event to see where you are deleting it from if you do.

If nothing else works, send me the project over email and I’ll take a look.

I managed to crack it. It works now! Thanks mate ^^


Hey Dyno!

How did you manage to fix this issue? I'm struggling here -_- If you remember, could you fill me in on how you initially got it running after your initial post in this thread, and then what you did to "crack it" after that? I can't even get it running after fiddling with the "l_constructor" line (there's only 1 line referencing it and it's inside a function) or the h_constructor line as was mentioned elsewhere.

Given that GMS2 just had an update 6 days ago, I wouldn't be surprised if whatever you did no longer works for me, but I thought I'd ask.  Are you able to get GMLive working on the current IDE and runtime? IDE and runtime

Can't remember but I'd be happy to help via discord! I have decided not to update to the latest version of GMS2 for the exact reason that this might break again so yeah, no guarantees. Tricky business this is!