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Thanks. I haven't actually rated any games yet, so I hadn't seen it yet.

It's basically a tamagotchi or idle game. Water keeps the plant alive, while food allows it to grow (as long as it's watered).

I'll probably do a blog post at some point. Basically, branches can sprout from the end or or middle of a stem; there's a random range of angles in either case. Each branch is parented on the point it sprouted from, so its branch angles are reoriented to that value.

Yeah, the discussion helped quite a bit--it was basically my intro to the topic.

Looks like you ran into a bug since your screen isn't filled. If you moved a piece left or right at the wrong time, it would trigger game over (since I test for loss by checking if a block is being applied to a space that already has a block). That should be fixed now.

It should be possible to light it, but you need a particular item in your inventory.

At this point, I don't have any plans to finish it. I stalled on working on it a while back.

Yeah, this is the full release that I put up on Google Play.

I'm writing player data to Application.persistentDataPath using JSON (which on web is stored in one of the types of local browser storage HTML5 introduced). Usually I use PlayerPrefs, but I decided to write something a little more flexible this time. If you want, I can go over it at the next gamedev meeting.