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quack, quack!

maybe linux version?

cool GIFs 

DirectX 11? Really?

DirectX 11? Really for this small game?

Interesting minimalist concept. Please add more levels or level generator.

no gameplay

in-game help sucks. pls give good instructions how play this and what every symbols means.

concept is really interesting

another pixel jump platformer game

sounds of death and enemy's shots are very high. pls fix it

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>>Not sure if mouse clicks would help this, though...

No, mouse is bad idea. Please add command-line completion (tab key) and command history (up key) like in BASH. It's good way to make game better.

I'm tired of playing this game

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Idea is really great, but game is very boring. :-( This is not hacking simulator, it's typing simulator.

cool. i love caravan-style shmups

Lol. It's excellent. Awesome art.

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lol, review is sarcasm, bro. blog have sarcastic stories about how foreigners create works about Russians.
sorry. article in russian

please open  source

Oh my eyes. What the hell is going on here ???

good. I am downloading

Ha ha ha, this is real life. :-D

You forgot to add "with diamonds".

singleplayer available?

Story sucks. Capitalist propaganda.

Add your game to

Oh my eyes! Dear developer, why did you hurt me?

Good game. Pls add more levels and story. Godot is great choice of engine. Thank you for linux version.

pls linux version

python :-(

Wow. Looks great. How can I play it on my linux? 

Cute pics. Pls add linux version

No ASCII, no roguelike

Windows-only, rar archive, no source. This is really shit choices. But game looks good in pics.

I like concept. But this is very simple.

>this engine is Windows only

I'm very sad. :( I hoped Linux available. Anyway, good luck with the game.

Good animated cut-scenes. I like minimalistic style.

> and Tux icon

Bro, Mac and Linux are two different operating systems.

Yet another sokoban-like game.

Cool pics.

Godot engine? A good choice!

Lol. Text-based game requires Directx 11 compatible graphics card.