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not working

I'm sorry to hear that.

Could you possibly elaborate a bit to help us fix this? Did the game not launch? Did you try launching from the Itch app or did you download and run locally? Did you try both the ncurses launcher and the pdcurses launcher? Which Linux distro are you on?

Due to the tight deadline of the jam we didn't have time to test very thoroughly, but we do expect it to run on Ubuntu >= 18.04 and derivatives like Mint 19, as well as Arch.

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Sorry, I'm stupid little girl. My fault. Game working. There is one oddity. The hero is always moving.

Yeah keyboard controls aren't great. We're just relying on getch() for those, and key release events aren't available. But grab your SDL2-supported gamepad if you've got one and you'll have a much better experience.