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Sweet. I have yet to pick this up, glad to see sideview animations being made.

Hello! any news if this will be converted to 16x16, having these extra weapons and armors to add to varieties of weapons for the 16x16 icons is crucial for my next game to use like all the other packs I have.

Hi there! Thank you for making them in 16x16 versions, I went ahead and bought 4 out of the 6, 16x16 packs that are available. I hope you do the weapons and armours soon! 

Hi there! I want to use these icons so bad for a current game I am developing, however I would need some custom ones done for my game. I was wondering if you take commissions so that I can be able to use this in my current project.

Yay I am buying this as soon as I have money next, a long with any other 16x16 icons to use for my next game in rpg maker mz

I totally understand it can take a while. Just know that with that size I’ll be buying the whole lot of them for more than one game sometimes I think.

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yeah no 16x16 is fine because I can increase it to 32x32 that’s why I was wondering if your going to be changing the other icon sets like the Armor And weapon sets that are at 24x24 to 16x16 this would open up so much more uses for me.

are there any plans to make your other iconsets into 16x16 pixels ? This would allow use for people using rpg maker Mv and rpg maker mz . Cause we can’t resize the 24x24 ones without massive quality loss but with the 16x16 we can x2 the image size into 32x32 and with almost no quality loss.

Nice I like your style. Is there going to be any more top down stuff in this style? Just want to buy but not sure if you will continue the line of resource or not.

Well a lot of content creators just allow continued use with there assets in multiple games but there is some that don't. One way to offset this is you can make people pay the fee on a per pack basis, this way everyone who is going to use it commercially is serious and doesn't plan to misuse the resources in any way.

I admire the fact you are going to think about it and not just jump the gun. It is a tough decision. I know for myself game development may be my only option to make any money sadly in my current circumstances. But I don't let that stop me from enjoying what I do best.  Smile Game Builder has been in my library for a while now and I just got that unity exporter. So many new features too. It's really shaping up to be a great engine.

See, people complain a lot that it doesn't have this it doesn't have that but name another program that can do what it does with those 3D models. Not many. Not with the same ease of use. Just click and drop asset into your game.

In regards to commercial license. I have some questions that would surely benefit others who may come across your assets.

1. If we buy both your packs, do we make this "nominal" donation twice for both packs or is it required just once.
2. Does this license cover all future use in more than one game for commercial use. In other words is a single or life time license.

Thanks for your time, and nice assets, they almost should have been part of the game engine from the start.

I was charged on my card but didn't get no assets?


Oh yayyy, that was so super fast, thank you. Yes no more error. Perfect. Sorry I didn't get back to you. I have multiple projects I am working on and I was in my other operating system messing around with 3D Models. 

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Hey! Really cool plugin, definitely worth the money. Would you be able to help me with something. I am getting a plug-in error when my game loads because of a preloaded core plugin. But I NEED to keep the loader plugin, my game relies on it too much.

Oh yes almost forgot, it happens when I click in that loading scene. and the preloaded is sumrnmdude s plugin preloaded plugin.

Hey this is so cool! I noticed you have 32x32 available for these now. RPG Maker MV comes to mind as it uses 32x32 icon size so your old icons at 24x24 can't just be upscaled in your friendly neighbourhood paint program. What I was wondering is how difficult would it be to manually upscale your other packs for this size of 32x32? Or did you make these ones with that mind ahead of time?

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Okay so would I be allowed to use them in more than one game like a prototype showcasing how I've used them in a post on my blog? As long as it remains in that stage and I dont charge money for that post or game. I would like to get peoples feedback before making a project more serious thats why. :) Sorry for asking so much questions.

Hey just a quick question, once I buy an asset pack from you can does the license allow unlimited use in my games or just one game just so I know to follow the license correctly and to make an informed decision before purchasing any more.

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Yessss! I been waiting for this update! Thank you thank you thank youuuu! The traits is such a welcome addition to the system, I would even go as far to say this is now THE BEST crafting system for rpg maker ever. (Anyone who’s serious with game dev should buy this plugin.)

You told me it was coming and you followed through, thank you for this! As soon as I have the money I’ll be buying the rest missing but consider grouping all your icons for sale sometime and I might pick them up there

Awesome stuff! :)

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This is awesome! I am very excited for that new feature. I'm gonna keep my eye on this. hehe

Hey nice work! I am going to test these out they look pretty sweet so far.

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Okay thank you so much for your help! I will message you there I think I fixed the parsing but don't quote me on that. I also appreciate your script comments, they are helpful for learners like me! I'll send it to you on discord personal message if it allows me to. Thanks so much !!!

Edit* I have added you as a friend on discord I don't think it allows me to message you until you accept.

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Hmm I don't think you understood me or I did not explain myself well enough. My game has items used for crafting and these items have bonuses attached to them that may effect the final synthesized item. For example, Iron Ore +20 Attack and Iron Ore +20 Defence. If you used both of these together you would get the bonus associated with the weapon or armor type you craft which I would then create a new recipe every time in your plugin for. And certainly I would think its not impossible to add more slots even with the hard coded stuff I am trying to follow everything very closely but still cannot get it to work. (Course Im no coder, merely a beginner.) Would you be so kind as to maybe even take a look at your code that I have edited and maybe try and push me in the right direction of getting this to work? Whenever you have time of course. Absolutely no rush cause I know people can be busy. I am just trying to learn and I actually am learning small things here and there from your code. Which I am also grateful for. If maybe you can give me an email I can send to you? If not I also completely understand, thank you for making this plugin and hopefully I'll get this to work one day! Cheers.

Edit* Yeah, I can admit I don't completely understand everything. Particularly adding in the n-3 and n-4 in the findPartialRecipe function. I have placed a tag //Dungeonmind Edit* on every line I have added or touched. That might also make it easier to get to each location in the script that needs editing for this to work.

Btw rpg maker mv handles that command window the same everywhere and when you add to the list it just creates a scrolling command window which I dont mind at all and I'm sure others wouldn't either.

I got the index thing to work perfectly but now the crafting option just disappears from the menu and you can no longer access the scene, SO I assume I broke something I did not add something where I should have

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Hey! Very nice plugin. Lots of customizability. One question though. I am trying to edit your code to allow me to have 6 slots instead of 4 but can't for the life of me to get it to work. Would you be able to help me with this? See in my game you can't have more than 1 item in one slot! So having only 4 slots to work with isn't that great. I would even say having 8 or more would be ideal. Just cause I have traits on my items that can be applied to the final result item but can only do this by making all item slots only hold 1 item. 

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Yeah I really like your work as well. I hope you do keep going with it. I couldn't afford the base pack today or this one. SO I'll have to wait until I can

Wow no replies. This is really beautiful pixel art. I am going to buy these when I can afford them!

Okay soon as I got that $ I’ll pick them up.

Okay sounds good! I already purchased this pack and I'm going to purchase your other pack too. You could also make a bullet proof vest as a part of clothing. I'll try and think of more as I develop my game. If you're interested I can send you a free copy of my game when its done especially if you can do a few custom icons for me for my game. :)

I was wondering do you plan on adding two handed weapons like machine guns and shotguns?

Okay I am ready to buy all the other packs soon that I am missing. It's nice to see you continuing this. These are beautiful fantasy icons and I look forward to seeing the armor sets. :)

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Very nice work here. Is there a license for this? It would be helpful if you included if commercial use was okay for other potential buyers of your resource pack. :)

it’s very nice! :)

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this looks really nice I want to buy it! Just wondering you mentioned 48px for tile size? Just cause I am using RPG Maker MV and it’s native tile size is 48 pixels. Just wondering if I’ll run in to any resolution issues.

I keep getting alerts all over my itch account telling me to verify my email. I have done so more than twice followed the link in the email. I am still getting these notifications. Something must be wrong.

I have to agree the price is fair. Having had the privilege of being a patron of his and got this resource pack already. I can tell you whats in it is probably the single most largest resource pack I have seen!

hey I love your icons there so beautiful! I see your continuing to expand on the set. I see almost everything but was wondering if you were planning on an exclusive set dedicated to armour/gear just like your dedicated weapon set.