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Okay soon as I got that $ I’ll pick them up.

Okay sounds good! I already purchased this pack and I'm going to purchase your other pack too. You could also make a bullet proof vest as a part of clothing. I'll try and think of more as I develop my game. If you're interested I can send you a free copy of my game when its done especially if you can do a few custom icons for me for my game. :)

I was wondering do you plan on adding two handed weapons like machine guns and shotguns?

Okay I am ready to buy all the other packs soon that I am missing. It's nice to see you continuing this. These are beautiful fantasy icons and I look forward to seeing the armor sets. :)

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Very nice work here. Is there a license for this? It would be helpful if you included if commercial use was okay for other potential buyers of your resource pack. :)

it’s very nice! :)

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this looks really nice I want to buy it! Just wondering you mentioned 48px for tile size? Just cause I am using RPG Maker MV and it’s native tile size is 48 pixels. Just wondering if I’ll run in to any resolution issues.

I keep getting alerts all over my itch account telling me to verify my email. I have done so more than twice followed the link in the email. I am still getting these notifications. Something must be wrong.

I have to agree the price is fair. Having had the privilege of being a patron of his and got this resource pack already. I can tell you whats in it is probably the single most largest resource pack I have seen!

hey I love your icons there so beautiful! I see your continuing to expand on the set. I see almost everything but was wondering if you were planning on an exclusive set dedicated to armour/gear just like your dedicated weapon set.