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Cool looking game!

I'm very sorry to hear about all that. I completely understand and I hope you will get through it. I don't particularly like the direction a lot of the Social Media platforms have decided on, so I feel you there.

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Hey Thomas, I vaguely remember you saying you were making the equipment pack next in 32x32. Is this still happening, and if so, is there any ETA on it? I began working on a NON-Public project a while ago that uses these icons, but there just isn't enough variety available for 32x32's yet, at least not for the scope of my game. It's almost there thanks to the time you put into recolors, and I think the equipment pack just might get me there. Thanks for your hard work on these high quality icons! I completely understand that these icons would take a while to do, so I am by no means trying to rush you. Take care.

I just tested it and it does indeed work.

Hello and thanks for your interest in my plugin. You have to check if the player has space in the inventory before giving the item in a conditional script call using :

$gameContainer.checkPartyHaveSpaceForItem(itemId, amount);

The plugin does prevent the player from taking items from containers when they have no space. When you give items manually you should use the script call.

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No problem, Holder. I've donated to you now. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more from you!!

I think it's called Stripe Express, but I could be wrong. In your creator dashboard settings, you should be able to find it close to where the PayPal setup was. Here's an image for you to show you what it looks like once you have it setup.
I think its pretty fast to setup from what I can remember.

Yeah, for example, if I wanted to go through and download from your asset lines, it would take a while because I would have to rely on online extraction. I think Mac users can buy programs for RAR extraction, but most programs are not 100% free, whereas ZIP is 100% free and is automatically included on everyone's Mac.

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Wow. You've really outdone yourself this time, Holder. I think I'm going to have to purchase this and support your work. You even did turn icons! This is so useful for RPGS, and I almost always use turn icons in turn-based RPGS.

*I just checked, and you only support PayPal payments? Would you mind setting up the other options so I can leave you my donation? I sell plugins on and also offer them completely free with the option of having both payments. PayPal is not what it used to be, and I don't use it anymore. 

 Also, I'm not sure if you knew, but for people using Mac OS, RAR files are troublesome, and ZIP files are way better because they act just like folders. It might be better to reach a wider audience, but that's just a suggestion. Thanks always for your hard work.

My thoughts exactly.


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I have recently tried to send you a reply through email twice and my email keeps getting rejected. Maybe, you can try contacting your email provider to see what's going on.

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Hey there! It allows you to list more than one filename in the note tag, and the plugin will choose a random sound effect for that action. So in other words, it doesn't distinguish between what kind of skill was used, no.

For when the actor's HP reaches 0, another sound effect is not needed because it's already playing a sound effect for when the actor is getting hit, and it would negatively impact the get hit sound effect(s).

I hope this clears it up for you.

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Hello there! Thanks for your keen interest in my plugins. You can always email me at with the features you're looking for and I would be glad to take a look.

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Hello there. I think I've added the feature you requested before; please download the latest build and change the plugin parameter to the folder you want to use. (Make sure to put the new folder into the audio folder and your SEs inside it.)

For the second request, it would actually be a lot of work, and I would much rather focus my time on releasing more plugins for the community. I'm sorry about that.

However, I know what I would do in your situation. I would just use the ME folder as the new voices folder, and it will automatically make it compatible with the VisuStella Options Core and allow the sound effects and voice sound effects to have unique operating volumes. Just change the name of ME in the options menu to "Battle Voices" or whatever you want, and the player would have no idea and it would be functional and serve its purpose. I mostly never use the MEs because the SEs work the same way and serve no real beneficial purpose for most games. You can even play MEs from the SE folder. I hope this helps, and I would like to give you my thanks for supporting my plugins.

Hello, I'll see what I can do but it will have to wait until Friday. Thanks for your patience!

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Not at the present time, I'm sorry. If I see a lot of interest in an MV version, I might consider porting it to MV.

Nice work!

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These are really nice and they look good in game. I'm making a sci-fi rpg and I'm considering using these but any chance for some more ship variations? I want to let the player buy new ships for faster space travel. (would buy new pack)

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Okay great! Thanks for clarifying. I'll have to get this once I have the monies. Love the vibrant colours and large selection btw.

Hey, I am interested in this. Just a quick question. Once you buy this once, does that get you a lifetime commercial license or do you have to buy it again for every game?

I might be buying this pack along with all the background packs now too. It's always nice to know that more packs in the same style are on the way.

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Nice. Even though these are made for front-view battles, with some resizing and editing, they could fit in side-view battles too! I'll probably be picking this pack up sooner than later.

These are really well done. I would love to see another pack with maybe some interior ruins...

I guess eventually one day we may get this in 32x32?

Okay thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to the equipment pack!

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This needs to be put into the 32x32 section because I almost missed that I didn't buy it yet lol

With the price of this pack (Which I don't mind for the quality imho) but for us poor people maybe being allowed to use in more than one game would be helpful for the license. I would even pay just a little more for that premium license. 

That being said, these are such beautiful icons and I'm grateful I can use them at all. 

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I am already going to probably be using your stuff for more than one project now but that unfortunately comes with now needing this pack and the wizard pack in 32x32. Any estimated time for either?

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Okay perfect, thanks for the clarification. I've bought two more packs today, I just can't stop.

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Hello, I buy many of your packs and I am just wondering if you can clarify something for me. I know that you have to buy a license for every new game you make using the packs, but what if I want to only use one single icon for one game and then use the rest in another? Do I really have to buy the pack again in this circumstance?

We need this in 32x32!

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Hey I bought all your available MAIN 32x32 packs! I love the attention to detail and they are perfect for my game right now. Hope to see some more packs so you can take my moneys again...

I'm missing icons for Beetroot, Potato, radish turnip. How much would it be to commission some more veggies and seeds???

These are really cool!

Cool looking game, I'll give it a try when I have time later.

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Indeed they do. Im just happy that you chose to redo them at 32x32 as opposed to just resizing them. This makes them very nice to use in the newest Rpg Maker MZ engine too. I will be strongly considering these for my next project.

Very gorgeous icons, I will buy as soon as I get the munies.

I too am waiting for the increased detail of the 32x32 packs. These are very nice and I'll be buying all the ones available soon. @Dcneos You can also buy his 16x16 versions and upsize them for now until he completes the new higher detailed 32x32 bit ones.

I'm curious to know if you willl make the rpg maker compatible tile sheets and character graphics.

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Hey I love your work! There is good consistency with the style and the massive amount of icons is a big yes for me. Tiles look beautiful too. I would want something different than the norm. Right off the bat I see green dungeon and I love it. Would be cool to get blue dungeon (Water based dungeon where you can fill up rooms and drain them) red dungeon (lava,staglamites) ect)

Thank you for your hard work. I will buy every new pack you come out with especially if icons and tiles. I got a good deal on all your assets with the Christmas bundle! but if you have new packs going forward I'll probably just have to buy them right away cause I love the asset line!