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Michał Dudziński

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No worries, well deserved.

Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely make use of it soonish! (づ ᴗ _ᴗ)づ♡ And re bouncing, I might have some questions soon, I’ll bother you on Discord if so ; p


Cute! Bouncing feels great. I’m not quite sure how the head-leg collision works, but I like it ༼ つ ✿◕‿◕✿༽つ

That’s just great. The movement feels so good, I can’t wait to hit enemies :D I saw the character art on Twitter, I loved it - did you create it yourself?

Nice, simple and graphically appealing game. ( ̄∇ ̄ノノ” for the source code with liberal license, a priceless thing for every newcomer!

The game could make use of some juicy effects like a camera shake. On the other hand, keeping it simple makes it better suited for educational purposes.

Anyway, good stuff, cheers :)

Oh, thank you  (づ ᴗ _ᴗ)づ♡

that's the main purpose of the game (at least for now ;)) so I'm glad it's moving in the right direction

There are a few improvements already on the way plus together with my wife we've been planning new content (like story, new art). I hope you'll like it too!

I made it past the first corner after way too many tries but it was worth it :D

Uncanny, I like it!

Excellent, congrats! Impressive you have designed and implemented so many modes :) hard was actually kinda pleasant ;)

Well designed, well painted, well coded, well sounded.  The intro animation is soo good. Some much attention has been put into details like the animations of worms going around the leaf, this subtle shadow effect on movements, the rocking chair animation... those are tiny - but tricky to implement - effects but super important things that make a game incredible immersive.

Amazing! It's like an AAA title in short indie games. Just add touch controls and you can start selling it in mobile app stores. Congrats!

So many great ideas - defusing a bomb, how the count down is rendered, the game over scene... Looking forward to seeing what comes next, congrats!

Although we had bigger plans for this entry, we are happy with the result given the time we had. Also, you helped with the aura effect so you're kind of a contributor ;) anyway, thanks for the kind words and the help!

Congrats on your first game! Very good idea, nice implementation. I wish it'd be possible to control the player with WSAD though.

Thank you! We'd  had some plans for better card stacks but we didn't have enough time to implement. We also had planned some instructions/guide on the first run but we forgot about it during the crunch ;)

P.S. If you're curious how the shaking is implemented, ping me on Discord and I can share :) 

Oh, ungood. It runs fine for me on Safari and Firefox. What browser did you use?

Loved i, I'm looking forward to playing more levels!

Sad you can't play longer than 20 seconds.  Looks very nice.

Polished and addictive! 

Astroids on amiga 500 nostalgia <3 

I barely beat the first level but had fun doing it :) 

Nice and clever, thanks :) 

I had fun, thanks! 

Great work! I was satisfied after destroying all portals :)

Amazing stuff! would love to have mouse support :)

Are you trying to run it under WSL? I got a similar problem (but with audio) when I tried to launch it under WSL2. Video worked because I had an X server up and running but sound isn't still supported under WSL.