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Thank you for your input, I plan on adding a tutorial level in the future!

Thank you so much for playing my game and for all of your suggestions. I guess since I know exactly how the game works, its hard for me to gauge the difficulty sometimes. I totally plan on adding in more story elements, and I hope to expand upon this game a lot in future updates. (P.S: There is one secret room on the first level if you can find it)

I liked how the combat felt, I also thought the sound did a decent job at conveying the weight of the punches and kicks. The UI looked good although it was obvious that it was not completed, since some pages were completely blank.  Another thing is that I felt the point and click kinda hindered the combat so it left me just spam clicking one attack at a time since switching to the other side of the screen is cumbersome and often led to the opponent hitting me before I could pull it off. If you added more features and explained how the system worked a bit more it has the potential to be a fun beat em up game!

There were two updates that happened during this Jam: 0.4.0 who's devlog is linked and 0.5.0 who's devlog link is: