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Submitted by Gear Shift studios — 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline
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User Interface (UI/UX)#32.0002.000

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I really liked this one, It's fun and challenging. My only concern is that you will need a tutorial to teach the player. I spent about 5 mins trying to figure out how to open doors.  Teach as you go. Ensure the you communicate to the player what he can and cannot interact with. Great job overall.


Thank you for your input, I plan on adding a tutorial level in the future!


So I actually played this for a good 20 minutes or so trying to get through all the "tests". I credit the bits and pieces of story for keeping me motivated. I really liked the story bits and the music at the beginning, and was totally ready for another cut scene in there. 

Another thing to note is that the skill gap between the basic "get out the way" robots that run at you, and the ones that fire lasers, to the rotating turret ones is huge! I think it may be nicer to build up more gradually to the more advanced types of enemies. Since their aesthetic is so similar and they all occur within the first couple levels it is hard to differentiate between them. Let the player make some progress on the noob AI's first, and then hit em with the tougher bots.

I was unable to get past the second test, but I have a feeling that when you beat the tests, you've beaten the whole game. I think the tests should be easier, granted I am not the most skilled gamer. Then maybe put in some more of that story/music. Give the player a little respite, and then hit them with some of the harder enemies.

As a player who is looking for hidden rooms, I was a little let down to find out that both doors in the first test room lead to the second test room. If you made it all the way back to the top of the first test room and take that door, it would be cool if it was a hidden room with some power-up, armor, or story element.

All in all pretty fun. And a great candidate for controller support, just saying. If you got XBox controller / gamepad support in, I would love to play the next patch with it.


Thank you so much for playing my game and for all of your suggestions. I guess since I know exactly how the game works, its hard for me to gauge the difficulty sometimes. I totally plan on adding in more story elements, and I hope to expand upon this game a lot in future updates. (P.S: There is one secret room on the first level if you can find it)


There were two updates that happened during this Jam: 0.4.0 who's devlog is linked and 0.5.0 who's devlog link is: