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Hi Kris,

Sure, you can do that. The idea is to movitvate devs to finish their games. However you would have to state your intentions in your attached devlog to your entry. Write what you want players to give you feedback on. The dev log helps you keep track of what you have done and also what you intend to do to improve your game. This is a great benefit to both you and your players. 

Note: - The jam duration only serves as a window to get your entry in. We do not hold devs accountable to only work during the jam duration. You can work on your game how long you want, even now. The aim is to finish your game.

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I was discussing this game jam's theme with a friend and he asked me this question. "Can you submit a non-digital game? For Example a board, dice or card game."  I thought it was a great question so i'm asking now!

This is awesome...  I hope Mark see's this one. I found a glitch in the last stage... where you cant die but... great work

I really liked this one, It's fun and challenging. My only concern is that you will need a tutorial to teach the player. I spent about 5 mins trying to figure out how to open doors.  Teach as you go. Ensure the you communicate to the player what he can and cannot interact with. Great job overall.

I'm not good at FPS's, let's get that out of the way, but there are a few things that needs to be in every FPS shooter. Inverted controls were missing so i had to adjust to regular controls. please try to implement it in any FPS you build. Also I'm not a fan of one hit kills. It makes the game feel punishing. I quit after killing about 15 monsters only to die to a single fireball. Ui/UX needs some work but its functional. I think it will benefit from some crunchier sound effects and improved visuals. 

I was a bit overwhelmed with the story exposition in the beginning, but this is great work though. 

Thanks for playing. It's a work in progress, i still have to add features, such as tutorials and more, also, i'm not completely finished with the combat system. It does need some more tweaking. In these type of combat games, every frame must be taken into consideration.  Great feedback. Next update i will try to have a proper tutorial. I also wanna work on a multiplayer system and a single player campaign.

Thanks for playing. I'm working on the AI for the enemies. I'm new to AI in games so it's taking me some time to implement. For now they are just dummies. I know that i have to create a tutorial system to teach player how to play the game but i haven't got around to that yet. I'm mainly trying to tweak the combat system rite now. The game is all about fighting so i have to ensure that i get the combat right. I want the player to be able to execute badass combos, So i'm playing around with animations and frame data, adding a little more mechanics as i go. It is a very early prototype, but one i'm quite proud of.

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This is a cool concept. Let me provide some feedback. I like the simple goal of the game, however the controls are a little frustrating. 

Having to time the direction of the "SUMOBot" turning and the Power of the "SUMOBot" looping is kinda hard to do, but when you hit you target it's a lot of fun. 

I would try to find a better way to move your player. I suggest to mimic the mechanic in this game Kinda like Angry Birds. For movement only of course. 

Great Job!!!! I hope you keep working on this.

hey @Danbob_Airsoft. The discord link has been fixed.

Well i didn't even come close to finishing this game, but i submitted it any way. I plan to keep working  on it till i am able to finish it. Still trying to find the fun in this idea. The controls is where i have the most issues. The control scheme is neat but i think it needs some more work. Till i sort out all the mechanics i will keep all the major  updates like Levels and Bosses to a minimum.  

Thanks glad you enjoyed it... it isn't finished so you didn't miss anything. this prototype only featured Combat and Crafting. nothing else was added to the game yet. I do want to expand on this project and maybe i will if i get enough support from the community and keep getting great feedback such as this.

Thanks to everyone who played my game the feed back was great...main take away is that the mechanics are really interesting... i'm glad to hear that you all like it. I plan to give the game more meaning, as i didn't have the time to give it a proper story... I went at this solo so it was a lot to do in 1 month. But a lot of fun to develop. Let me know if you will like to see this be a full game...

Trey i couldn't have said it better myself.  This is a great mixture . Same with me, the only issue was platforming challenges . Momo feels like she is walking on ice all of the time and up down moving platforms are a challenge with timing the jump so that she will actually jump when you want her to and not be in the air when you jump. To the Dev... Well done ! Enjoyed the music  too.  If you don't mind me asking... what program did you use for the music? 

I had fun playing this nice job

Hey! Thanks for the feedback... appriciate it ... would have never guessed that would be an issue...  guess i could outline a clear objective... Thats why feedback is so important... thanks bro..

I would just like to know what to expect when it comes to limitations. Can you provide a few examples or a link to a jam that has used this format before.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm thinking on expanding on the idea to make it a full game. It is alot of fun.