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The Game Crashed with me the first time starting. Not sure what the issue... but it eventually worked and the game is fun. I think maybe the graphics are too high-end for less powerful computers so optimizing may be a task that you may need to look into. The song in the shop is a Banger.

Thanks... maybe in the next build I will include controller and keyboard input support. I originally designed this game for mobile, but recently I have been thinking of adding different ways to play on PC. The challenge is to keep the mechanics consistent across platforms

I'm curious, what are some of the features you think need polishing? I've worked on and seen this project so much that I've stopped seeing what needs polish. Help me out a bit here. 

Some background music and better sound effects would greatly improve this title.

Sure... You can... Submit as many games as you like... as long as they meet the criteria.

You don't need to illustrate before and after. You also don't need the devlog to be detailed either. However, the more details the better. The devlog is just an outline of your work for you to keep track of your updates and for the community to know what you worked on. It is true most people won't read the devlog but it is still there for information on the work you did to improve your project. Put a little work into it. It helps as good documentation of your progress or failures.

It is a great time... until the community hits you with their feedback... Warning your game may get roasted... But all to improve your project...have fun...

Sure, You can

Our intention is to give developers feedback on their games. According to your post, I think we achieved that. I acknowledge that I maybe can interact more with the community and provide a bit more for the winners, however, I am doing this for free, and finding the time is a bit of a challenge. For the past few installments of the jam, I haven't been able to do ratings but the community has ensured that entries get rated. I am thankful for that. I did state that there is no prize for winning. The feedback from other devs is actually the most valuable thing you can get from this Jam. I do hope I can build a better experience for the participants in future jams however this is the best I can manage for now. Thanks for taking part. I'm sorry if we disappointed you.

Also, has a feature for you to email your game jam participants without actually having their email. So don't worry you won't get spammed and we don't do that anyway. I mostly only send emails before and after jam.

You can msg me on Discord if you have any more concerns. I'll be glad to have a chat.

I usually send out an email to the participants that should be in your inbox by now. I'm sorry though, I haven't played entries for the past few jams I've held, the time to do so has eluded me, "life I guess." However, this community has no shortage of people who are willing to critique your work. Thanks to them this jam is successfull and I will keep it going for as long as I can. Hopefully, in future jams, I can get to rate more games. Thanks to all the took part both in rating the games and submitting entries. Join our discord, and keep us updated on your plans for your games. There you can find people to roast your work and provide feedback, you can share your success stories, failures, and much more.

I'm constantly trying to add content and polish as I want to release this to mobile platforms. It's not much right now but it's a great foundation to build on. I hope I can solve the issues I'm having to be able to launch successfully.

Yes, you are. 

There are no constraints on when you can start to work on your game. All that matters is that you submit it on time.

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You are allowed to work on your game and/or Devlog how much you want, however, you must submit it by the deadline. No exceptions. has a Devlog feature located on the game edit page. You can start one and save it there, add to it everything that you worked on then when you are ready to submit just publish it and then fill out the required fields in the Game Jam game submission form.

Yeah, I kinda squeezed it into the jam barely. I'm gonna continue working on this for the next month. Hopefully, I can finish the project by the next jam with a mobile build.

Pick one and get to work...

It really hard to stay motivated. Sometimes your reason for not finishing a project is a lack of knowledge or skills. You can find lots of material online to help with this however, every game is different, and the solutions vary a lot between them. You may need to level up your skills before you can finish something. This can be demotivating especially if you don't grasp a concept quickly you may have to do it several times to fully understand. Persistence is a desirable trait to have when making games. Making Games is hard.

We hope to provide an incentive for developers to finish stuff as well as get things tested with real players. We also encourage testers to roast the creators hard and provide honest feedback.  I guess it comes down to who is making it, how much you believe in the project, and the feedback you get. These are things that can motivate you to finish a project or abandon it. 

it's working fine for me...

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I've looked into it and re-uploaded the files. Thanks for letting me know. It should be playable now. 

Yeah, Keep the mini-games as simple as possible. in the Boxing game,  blocking is fine and what I mean by movement is add a simple dodge, maybe.

I think you'll have a problem getting ppl to play a Linux game in this jam. Windows is the more common OS I've seen used here. Sry.... Thanks for submitting

I found the characters a bit hard to control. I was unable to solve the puzzle because I got frustrated trying to jump onto a platform. I had to wait every time for it to reach the top and return. The guy in the spacesuit controlled a bit too well causing me to miss switches over and over as I would overshoot it. Made me feel cheated by the game a bit. Awesome concept though. if the controls are not as frustrating as it is now I may be able to complete a level.

This game is lots of fun. The combat can be polished a bit more, maybe the sound effects can be a bit more powerful and magic sounding. Checkpoints might also be a good idea.

I'm getting crashes on chrome. I currently don't have firefox installed. I think you should ensure your game works on all well-known browsers.

Hey, This game is a lot of fun. I like climbing and boxing, though boxing could probably benefit from having movement also as a part of the mini game. Well Executed transitions. Good game i like it.

I couldn't understand what the rules were. I ended up finding the bug and just played around with that for a while. This could be fun if you work out the bugs and communicate the rules of the game properly.

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Thanks for the feedback there are lots of little bugs, mistakes, and typos that I am constantly trying to fix. There were some fixes that I couldn't squeeze in before the deadline but that's ok.

There are quite a few bugs to fix, I'm on it. Some features though are hidden because they were not intended to be released in this jam, such as the edit loadout screen and more. 

Eventually, I intend to put players against players in multiplayer arenas. So I'm interested in this quote from your comment, " and the surprisingly slow speed of your own bullets makes lining up shots kinda awkward."  

I've tested different speeds of bullets and kinda have a range of where I think it's good but. Maybe it should be faster? I'll check that out too.

Thanks a lot for the feedback...

Well done... I like this game concept that you can only move or attack and you have to be aware of your orientation to attack/ solve puzzles. If you can expand on that it will make this game very interesting. I couldn't figure out the puzzles, I got stuck but I think this is a solid concept and worth building on more.

The sound and visuals are good. The issue I have is the text. Too much text is hard to read... Make text blocks shorter. One or Two sentences. This way, If you are like me, you can browse through the text without reading the entire thing and still understand what is going on. Also revealing the text, like letter by letter, with an option to speed it up will also be a nice feature. These little things will help this game a lot, especially as it is a text game.

Player Feedback needed. Screen Shake, Sound Effects, and knockback would greatly enhance this game. Without it makes it feel like a screen saver, not a game. However, the gameplay and art are good.

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Great game... So here are a few things where I was a bit frustrated. I don't like the memory battle system. Though later I got better at it I ended up just trying to get the one that showed most. It felt more like a chore than fun. Storytelling systems are great.  A bit more player feedback is needed tho such as camera shake and sound effects during battle.

:) I hate clickers but this is fun. Kinda like clickbait XD.  No Bugs found... Improvements? Maybe add animations to engage your players and keep them interested. I beat this game because I fell asleep with a few robots generating small change. XD

Fun but not Fair. Find a way to make this fair for all players. idk how but that will make it much better.

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Lots of fun... Can be a great rage game if done correctly. It's frustratingly difficult to steer but that's a good thing.  Shorter and simpler levels would help on board players to your concept and then hit them with time trials and harder levels. One thing is you need to highlight how the player receives damage and always clearly show what is the player's objective. 

I'm not sure about the chosen camera angle... idk, players may want to see where they are going however, I think the angle is good I'm just not sure if it works for the long-term. But Noice!..... High Scores from me.

Yep i saw the video... No problem... Thanks for submitting

Sry I'm not a Linux user... so I'm unable to play or rate this. Try creating builds using some of the more commonly used OSs. Linux doesn't qualify as common nor does Apple Mac but it's more common than Linux.

By sluggish, I mean the Camera was slow to move around or rotate the camera. Perhaps a settings menu to up the speed. Yeah, I Killed the general easily and was like ok that was easy. But it's fun. I like the idea of friendly fire being an issue for you the player and enemies to deal with. Make that a feature. However, the  AI needs to take this into consideration. You may be on to something cool here...

I like the concept however, I think you need to incorporate a more strategic gameplay element. I'm not a big fan of the camera controls. I find they were a bit sluggish. Probably incorporate a camera snapping system to snap to the action easily. I like the UI however I didn't play the old version. Maybe some colors may help it out a bit more. Great game, however, I think there is a lot of room for improvement.

Very interesting. I enjoyed it for a while but then I got lost. This is a fun entry.

I have to create a tutorial for the mechanics. Some more visual cues as well. Thanks for the feedback and for playing.