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OH MY GOD That is hilarious!

That is such a clever addition! We struggled to 'gamify' the game with goals and ended up with the goal of "Make the CPU happy." Giving the CPU the likes and dislikes that any human player has would be such a big step forward towards making the game fun! It's a terrific idea. Thank you so much for the play and for your feedback.

Thank you so much for your feedback! We plan on making a version that uses proper AI in the future.

I am very curious to hear, what sort of preset prompts would you suggest we provide to players?

I am so very happy to hear that you had fun with this! Obviously we had a lot more features planned and wanted the CPU to be a lot smarter, but isn't it interesting how it can still be enjoyable? We both found our inner writers coming out when interacting with it!

Oh my goodness... Thank you for your play and the comment! Sorry the CPU wasn't fully fledged :)

Dude, this is really fun! The push and pull of stopping to recycle versus fleeing and shooting the evil robots feels just right.

Thank you very much for your comment! It's very heartening to hear that somebody else grooves on this idea!!

Thank you for the feedback. We were planning on more complex mechanics where you would kill enemies to get better dice, and eventually even aspected dice (fire, frost, etc) and healing dice to drop on yourself. There was to be a bunch of enemy types sourced from everyday objects. One I was really looking forward to drawing and animating was a sentient toaster that shot out burned toast to attack. Unfortunately, time constraints being what they were meant that we could only just barely finish the minimum viable product of a game in time.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

The attack dice are dealing random damage... or at least they're supposed to. We were trying for a turn-based sort of thing with the movement, but I agree that it isn't comfortable to play. Thank you very much for your feedback!

Oh my gosh, you trooper! You did a great job! Keep jamming!

I am so glad you liked it!! We had sound effects on the schedule but ran out of time!

Thanks so much! I had a ton of fun making the sprites and animations. This is the first tileset I've done that included walls, so I lost a lot of time trying to get all the pieces of the tileset to line up right and function. I went through a couple iterations that didn't work and unfortunately, with the limitations presented to me at the time, the wall end pieces end up way too short. Razmatazz is like twice the height of his walls D:

I love hearing that! Always happy to see someone doing what they love and enjoy. Especially love that you'll keep jamming!

Ooh, that would be a very interesting mechanic! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the jam. I hope you'll continue to participate in jams and keep on making games!

I am so glad you had fun. Keep on jamming! I expect more awesome games from you in the future :D

Yes! I love to hear that! Keep on jamming!

This looks great and plays okay. It reminds me of Kite from Hunter x Hunter; he has a power to give him a random weapon. I found the character getting stuck on even the slightest step to be a little annoying, but I understand that in a game jam, you do not have time to iron out little things like that.

How was the jam for you? Did you enjoy yourself?

It is awesome that you used Godot for this! Your animations are neat and smooth and I enjoyed my time with the game. I didn't understand quite what the instructions meant by score multiplier. Is it basically "Throw three hands of dice and then enjoy a little bit of pachinko to find out your score multiplier"?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the feedback. The plan was to have the dice in the upper left-hand corner be a representation of your health, with them ticking down from higher numbers to lower numbers before disappearing, to indicate that damage had been taken, as well as more robust sound effects and other indicators. Alas!

Aww, thank you! We worked really hard to refine the dice physics and feel. There was a shader to highlight the die you had selected on mouseover, but we found that it weirdly collided with doing an html export of the game, so we had to scrap it in the last half hour of the jam T_T

It always makes me smile to see a pico-8 game, so points for picking that tool right off the bat. This is fun! I had a hard time not dying.

What was the jam like for you? Did you enjoy yourself?

This is a very functional and polished game for a game jam! The enemy death mechanic is very interesting, although boy when you're faced with a big swarm it feels a little unfair that you only have a 1/6 chance of your efforts being rewarded, but that's part of the fun! Good job.

What was the jam like for you? Did you enjoy yourself?

This is seriously, seriously fun. The polish is good. I found that the camera controls moved too fast (but I am prone to motion sickness so I do have to take that into account). Sometimes, I couldn't tell where my dice had spawned back in at, and that was a little frustrating. But the physics are great, the textures look good, and it's fun. You guys did awesome.

What was the jam like for you? Did your team enjoy yourselves?

The controls function quite well, and I really like the game juice you added with the sort of squish in the animation. The dice look seriously good. I do wonder if you could have transformed the theme a little bit more, as this feels like "platformer but with dice" until you reach the edges and then the whole thing twists around.

Overall, great job. How did the jam go for you? Did you enjoy yourself?

This game looks good and is very fun to play. I thought it was a pretty milquetoast idea UNTIL the die that is the character's head popped off. Time froze, pips flashed across the faces, and it came up with a 2 and I got a different gun! Wow, game changer! That made it a lot more fun.

What an interesting idea! Your game functions well and feels well put together. I found it to be challenging and fun to try to stop on the indicated section. Your physics also work well.

How was the jam? Did you enjoy yourselves?

Thank you so, so much for the feedback. I did all the wizard animations and I lost like ten minutes at one point because he didn't have arms yet but could twerk like nobody's business and I could NOT stop laughing while watching the little guy go. I had so much fun doing the art!

Thanks so much, my doge! I love the idea of using the pocket for more things than dice! 

We ran into problem after problem after problem on this one! But we tried out a bunch of cool new ideas that we want to use again in the future! Can you believe this is the first game we've ever made where you can click on things? The first game where there's a chase camera?! But boy did I have fun making it.

This is a very fun idea that was executed well. Took me a while to figure out the controls but once I got it, I really enjoyed it. 

I'm curious, what was your jam experience like?

Yep... We had planned for a lot more but ran into issues that kept us from implementing quite a few things, including detecting end of game. Thanks for playing!

That's awesome!

So glad you enjoyed it! Sorry the goal was confusing at first.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Wow, that's a cool way to do this!

You did amazing!


Thank you so much for your feedback! We tried to get an HTML5 version working but apparently, GameMaker is terrible at that ^^;

Wow! We were almost twinsies! That's amazing, what are the odds?

This game has the potential to be super fun. I fail to see how it fits the theme, but that doesn't change the fact that it's fun! Do you plan to continue to develop this idea? I hope you do, because it's great.