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Dread Knight

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Pretty cool concept :D

I think this is a really cool project, been following it for a while now. I myself doing a turn based strategy game based on the 7 deadly sins. Though it was strange and interesting seeing you deviate from that, but I think the description of the project is a little bit silly "8 demonic factions that each of them represents one of 7 Deadly Sins." By logic, it doesn't seem right to say 8 things that each are represented by less than that.

Make what you want of it, but in my journey I was also doing silly stuff and I got corrected by people carrying about my project and I really appreciated the improvement in the long run. Keep up the good work!

Looks really cool, but some of the links posted are kinda bad, as they're linked though steam btw :P

Awesome game, reminds me of the old school Ninja Gaiden a bit! :3

Big thanks guys, gonna finish it, eventually! I should do jams more often and reserve time ahead, that's for sure :-)

Cool entry! I really dig the characters, very cute! :3 And it has chickins!

Right click doesn't show any menus for me, but I managed to open the frame in a new tab and play it a bit :-)

@Arcade Badgers Thanks, I'm doing so, but takes time as I'm dealing with a lot of "3d" stuff inside a 2d game / engine, which does my head in xD Should have done something more flat, lel

This look pretty cool, too bad no web version so I can give it a try as well :-)

Looks awesome, but the down arrow ruins the experience for me as well.

@PhoenixBoltS Indeed, started the jam rather late and we're noob coders, so it takes a few more days. Also life getting in the way a bit. Development version has more going on, but bugs too...

This looks really great! Too bad I can't give it a try myself as I'm using Linux xD But will watch gameplay vids soon on youtube.

@stuartlangridge Thank you! We started out super late and we're rather noob coders; I'll keep working on it, though it's a big struggle with the gameplay as I never did a proper game before; should take part of game jams more often, that's for sure ^^

@clemonades Thanks! Planning on a proper free open source browser based sequel since RARE/Microsoft don't do anything about it xD

@Jupiter_Hadley Thanks a lot! Wish it was in better shape within the deadline. Really awesome channel, I've subscribed, gonna check out the videos soon ^^

Looks awesome!

Watch me livestream!

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There's a chatroom on Gitter if you want to join and help out

The project is javascript and using Phaser.

Hopefully will upload the new version soon, just struggling with some friggin coding issues, sigh...

Pretty cool stuff! Kinda reminds me of SSBB :-)

Awesome work so far! Always love to see fake 3d stuff :D

Watch me livestream!

Pretty cool so far. First time I hear about this Monkey language. I'm guessing you're using the miniB3D module?