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Very fun to play! Santa is not an easy job, i understand now

this is really fascinating, it's all well polished and creative. Good job to you both!

Thanks for the toy version, I am indeed very interested. That's some skills i would love to learn. :)

I found some named guys <3

This is amazing. I haven't found any named creature yet. This is simple and yet beautiful. It combines two (three?) of my passions: Prcodural generation, huge-terrifying scopes, and weird pixel art interractive stuff.

I also love the landscapes when you're zoomed on the planet. I don't know if those are generated too or hand drawn? Anyway, they really give a frightening and beautiful sense of scale too.

Thanks for this experience <3

mercii :)

Merci <3

c'est vraiment très super (qui a bien pu faire ça à radiohead???)

comme l'impression d'avoir joué à un vrai jeu vidéo

That was incredibly powerful :) Especially loved the music and how it helped create the mood <3

je suis d'accord ça fait vraiment peur surtout la fin

A lot of fun played it non stop for the last two days :)

Hey :)
Did this game alone for the jam, it's a funny little point & click:

Managed to win the second phase! I enjoyed playing it.

The screen shake was a little too much though.

Really cool concept, and fun to play! I spent quite a lot of time trying to optimize my strategy :)

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Really enjoyed playing your game! The graphics work nicely, and I love the rewind effect. The concept is really cool and creative!

I find the difficulty to be quite well balanced: it's hard but you want to get back to it, and the different  phases make it so that I don't get bored and feel like I am getting better as I learn the paterns.

Anyway I'm going back to it, I almost beat it!

Edit: didn't talk about the mirror/ghost (not sure?) concept that is really really cool! like it's your ally, but also can hurt you, really new and fun concept.

Edit 2: Boss beaten :) Thank you for the game!

The art is really great and create a cool vibe of space adventure! Really liked navigating the space map too!

Great job it's very polished!

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it  :)

Cool game! It's hard and  frustrate me a little bit because I fail to be everywhere at once, but it's hard to balance is such a short time. 

The art is great, I absolutely LOVE the menu, and the fact that there is three variation of the concept is so cool, I like that a lot.

The game is pretty, the game design is on point! Chalenging enought to be fun, doable enought to be fun! Great job!

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Very fun game, and pretty too, I love the aesthetic.

The gameplay remind me of Wii PArty/Mario Party kind of game, which is a compliment!

At the beggining it's very hard to protect everyone so I was heartbroken when seeing all my friends die, but I took good care of my remaining besty!

Also the lady is scary please pick me up.

Aesthetic is so cool! Little bit sad that you were not able to make the aiming work. Would love to play an updated version of the game if you ever do it!

Amazing game! How did you do that in such a limited time, alone??

I'm highly impressed by the amount of work put into it, and the quality.

But the thing is that it's also so much fun! I've been playing for a little bit of time and I'm gonna continue after this comment. It's like Wordle but with cool pixel art. Yeah the art is so beautiful btw.

I'm really impressed! It's amazing. And the tutorial deserves some love too (there's a full tutorial for a 72h games already??). It's very clear and cool loonking again.

I love this game, and i'm impressed, congrats!

Thank you so much!!

Quirky is a great compliment! Describe it well

I am proud of my use of the theme and limitation, glad it gets some love :)

(we cross played our games, really enjoy playing your!)

Didn't understand, bored me out, 10/10 👍

Seriously I liked playing it as I was confused, great job. Loved the aesthetic of it all and the dedication to create all the characters! Very original

Thank you so much for the review! It was so cool to see you play the game. It makes me really happy to see people appreciate the details and the love put in the game! <3

I'm planning on doing small updates to add details, polish stuff and add new scenes and puzzle.

Loved the character art and the victorian mood!  The diary summing up all the evidences was great too!