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That’s the best game I’ve played today ;-)

Nice idea with one of the characters affecting the other one.

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I’ve run out of time because of other activities although taking a part in 7DRL was a great and exciting experience.

My extra challenge was to implement the game in plain C and I had a lot of fun with it.

Thanks guys, don't want to cause any trouble here. I'll try to submit on time next year :)

Hi, is it possible to have a late submission (today) of my game, please?

Hi, that's awesome! Thanks so much for covering A on Steroids in your video :)

Scored 3.

Nice idea! Have died soooo many times :D

Nice game, I haven't expected so quite a lot of content there. Good job!

Pozdrawiam fana asteroidów! :) Nie miałem jeszcze okazji zagrać w Twoją grę ale niebawem spróbuję.

Thanks for fixing this!

Hi, I'm getting "There was an error with your request" when trying to open my notifications page at

Please help! :)

It's a custom C++ engine. Uses OpenGL for rendering, SDL for input, audio and fonts and that's basically it :)

Congratulations on winning the jam!

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Hi, I've removed my entry because I have misread the rules and didn't really qualify for the jam. You are still invited to have a look at my game, if you like :-)

Click: A on Steroids

Hey, thanks! That's quite a surprise :-)

My life is never going to be the same after playing this game. The graphics effect is quite distracting but I like the idea.

My brain hurts because of the noise in the background. Nice retro feeling though! :-) I've got a feeling that ball physics, when it hits the paddle or walls, could be a bit better.

That's the best platformer I've played today ;-) +1 for the sense of humor! 

Thanks for your feedback! You're both definitely right it's too hard currently and 672 sounds like a nice score :-) I've just tried your Stroids ( - really love the CRT-style graphics.

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Hi, so much thanks for your feedback! I'll see what I can do with the potential :-)

Yeah, needs some balancing. Sorry for that! ;)