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Where can I download this?

Nice! Thank you very much

This is hilarious to play with, i would love to see this developed further!

When you release the game, could you release it on Itch too? I don't like using steam unless i have to and I absolutely love this game.

Great, thanks!

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I hope you are still continuing this game, this looks so cool! Kind of like passpartout but honestly i like this idea better.

Also a question: Is there a way to add custom paintings to the game?

I don't know where to ask this, but will you be releasing this on Itch as well?

Great idea! I saw your previous post and definitely like both turkeys. 

Looks very cool! I love the pixel graphics, cannot wait to give it a try.

This happened to me. If it will not run while offline but it will run while you are connected try this. This is what he told me to do when it wouldn't work for me.

Open this file :pixelator\resources\app\js\bundle.js with a text editor, and remove line 162, which looks like this:


This will remove any internet usage by Pixelator.

Hope this helps!

Really excited for the full release on steam. I love the graphics and the gameplay is addictive.

Mostly because i have limited internet and can really only play games if i have them for offline use. Thank you for the reply!

Are you planning on making this downloadable?

Ok, can't wait to see what else you've got planned!

Really love this game. Is there any way to save, though? I was playing multiplayer and when I logged out, (I was hosting) and got back on, everything was reset. I love the non-complicated way of getting stuff by exploring and finding instead of crafting/researching.