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Tag Exclusions

A topic by Dr_Froth created 98 days ago Views: 171 Replies: 2
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I really loved Itch several years ago when I could scroll through and find cool indie games with unique ideas, art-styles and gameplay mechanics.

Now the whole website is taken over by the horror genre and they all look the same: Gritty graphics, most often pixelized and/or low poly with cheap low-gamma lighting.

So many people have asked for this very simple feature over the course of literal YEARS (see this:

Can we please at the very least have an answer about whether this is ever going to be worked on? Is the team actually still implementing changes to the website or just up-keeping it as was asked in the mentioned thread?

Itch used to be my go-to even before Steam but I just don't enjoy using it any more because of how much some tags can completely dominate the website, (especially cheap horror games).

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I totally agree with this, but not because of the horror stuff on itch, but rather because of the "alternative stuff" that could be found in the "Adult" category.

Of course censorship is evil and diversity is good.

But itch has reached a point of popularity, when it has just too many games, and too many different kinds of people posting totally random games on it, so for the shake of peace and happiness of every member of the community, there must be some kind of options to the users to optionally filter out content, or a decent age rating system, or at least some more well-defined principles and guidelines about what's (not) allowed on the site.

I see that people were repeatedly asking for tag exclusions, tag filters, filter options and similar functionality for at least five years long, and it just got continuously ignored. Really, at least people deserve to get an answer about what's going on in the head of itch management about the reason of ignoring the problem.


I notice there are several threads suggesting better filtering. I made a thread myself earlier. This REALLY needs to be added soon because as it is the site is absolutely flooded with a certain kind of simple horror game, presumably because of a feedback loop of youtubers and streamers making playing that their entire business model and devs pandering to that demand, which creates more demand etc, until there is ONLY that everywhere drowning out everything else. There needs to be a way to filter out these things.

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