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Thank you :) 

I made a minor update earlier today. So the dogs now have different coloured scarfs, which should start to help with telling the difference. There's also a sprint button too. If you're on the keyboard it's the shift button, if you're on a controller, it's X/the left face button. 


Thanks for this, those are all things I can do. I’ll start with telling the dogs apart 😀

You made my day with this comment. Let me know if there’s anything you or your daughter would like to see as the game evolves 🐑

With the last couple of releases I’ve been tidying up the code a bit and that game should be more stable on older systems. I’ve got an old 4Gb Surface laptop that runs the game at around 30fps, and waaaay less crashes.

I've added another player. The game now supports up to 3 players. Once I find another controller, I'll add the fourth.

Thanks, Magic Hat. I'm hoping I can deliver on that

I'm excited to share the first demo of my new game Too Many Sheep. It's currently in development, and the first demo introduces a few levels and the mechanics of the game. 

I'll be aiming to do a new release each week as I add in local multiplayer, level selection, more levels etc. etc.

Wow, thanks a million. I love your site :) 

Fancy a bit of competitive sheep herding? Then Sheep Game is for you. It's a couch based multiplayer game for PC and Mac.

Sheep Game has been inspired by the likes of Overcooked and Bomberman, with it's focus on local multiplayer.

I'm still actively working on the game to make it as much fun as it can be. Please let me know what you think and what changes would increase the fun factor :)

Sheep Game community · Created a new topic Sheep Game

Thanks for checking out Sheep Game. The game is still in development and I value any feedback that will make the game more fun.