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Very fun game! Although, it can be somewhat easy to cheese the smiley face boss by pausing and quickly clicking the x while unpausing.

Mm yes very good. Stoney's Adventure until death

haha yes it's funny but can we legit get a hatsune miku app?

Super cool and interesting! I am a little disappointed that I can't comfortably store my 2 fountains with my 3 couches and 6 bookshelves, though! XD

This is a nice looking game with quite a bit of difficulty; however, being able to pause and decide what to do (without a giant menu button in the way) would be nice!

It's adorable, but THAT HELICOPTER HAT LEVEL IS DA WORST! It's so finicky and hard to control! otherwise, though, it's a neat game!

Woah, this is good. Still, if you want better realism, you need that one guy who plays his music really loud the whole time, a few characters who argue about the price of the bus for 2 hours, and at least one family with 5000 boxes of luggage.

I don't know if I'm winning or not but my hand is slipping under both of our heads. I should be in great pain from this strain but my comfort score says otherwise

So goog :D

I think this is a pretty neat game! There's a glitch with items remaining on screen after you click them in your inventory, and if you click the door while talking to someone. Otherwise, those little Bon Guys are so cute ;-; need

Woah. Like, woah. This is really good, kinda like in a superhot kind of way. The letters thing is neat but the whole time stopping mechanic is really good! If you develop anything further please tell me :)

Nice, but it could've used a restart button :)

And thank you for making it!

Well, I'm sure that if you ever decide to add those features, your game will become much more impressive :)

Ah, it's so tough! But the thief is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! 

Hey, this is pretty neat! Darn those cars that look one space long at first but you commit and LO AND BEHOLD IT'S TWO SPACES LONG ;-;

It's a pretty nice-looking game, but there isn't a lot of interaction on the player's end, and the camera sensitivity is way to high- at least, at default. Do having health potions or swords/shields let you use them for combat? And, if so, how helpful are they? I couldn't seem to figure out.

Alright, I got past the gym leader and it's a pretty nice game. There are some problems with the sprite compression, which makes it look kinda blocky, and when I got in the cutscene with the grandpa  I was stuck walking left into a wall. There also really isn't any place to grind or a while lot of strategy sometimes; but, all things considered, it's still a pretty decent recreation of the games.


The art's a little buggy (concerning the lighting and the blurred art), and the gameplay is kinda iffy.

I lost the first battle and now I can't go back because someone even tougher blocks the way. I think I got softlocked and couldn't progress ;-; Otherwise, it's a nice game!

It's a cute idea, but the player is really slow, and the physics seem off.

It's tetris!

Haha, such a neat game! I hope you expand upon it one day!

I want to enjoy this game  but restarting at the beginning of the game every time sucks :( I think this is really neat though, good luck on the Jam!

Wowzers, this was way better than I was expecting it to be. The overworld's a bit funky, as is the dialogue, but it's weird and charming!

The screen's way too big for my laptop, is there a fullscreen option?

Rollerpig vs Goku

Gunna have to give it to rollerpig

Still better than the real game

Haha, the character is much more reactive now! The level design is a bit off, and I ended up ignoring some areas, but it's much more fun now, and I actually beat it! ^-^

Neato! Thanks for the game :)

It's both, really. If you're headed full speed in one direction it takes a few seconds to switch directions, which is generally very annoying for a platformer.  It's both in the air and on the ground; I believe having a set speed of movement instead of indefinite acceleration would help.

SHRUBNAUT community · Created a new topic Amazing Music ^-^

Oh my god, I love the music in this game so much! How did you make it?!

Still better than american airlines

More sacrifices!

A game to surpass FTL

Well thanks for putting in all the work to make this game as good as it is ^-^

It's just like one of those dreams...

Oh I like this one! A little tough though!

A cute game, albeit simple. And the sound effects are a little annoying.