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I lost the first battle and now I can't go back because someone even tougher blocks the way. I think I got softlocked and couldn't progress ;-; Otherwise, it's a nice game!

Hey there! Thanks so much for playing the game and leaving some feedback!

Sorry that happened to you. I went back and made it so that if the player loses the first battle that they'll head back to Grandpa's house instead of home. That build of the game is now the live build. I hope you'll give it another go :)


Alright, I got past the gym leader and it's a pretty nice game. There are some problems with the sprite compression, which makes it look kinda blocky, and when I got in the cutscene with the grandpa  I was stuck walking left into a wall. There also really isn't any place to grind or a while lot of strategy sometimes; but, all things considered, it's still a pretty decent recreation of the games.

I just uploaded a fix for the walking left issue. Thanks a ton for playing the game again and providing me with some useful feedback! <3


And thank you for making it!