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Elements! That's a great way to learn the periodic table! Great themes!

Thanks :) I'm proud of the PDF

Some of the ideas I've been rummaging around include using card decks for character classes, world (wicket) layouts, events/story (maybe cards, maybe a booklet). Character classes could have different ways of hitting the ball, potentially have different effects (e.g. teleportation - dropping the ball at some designated point or tossing it), different ways of movement (e.g. hopping, single step for heavy hitters), etc. Lot of questions to explore: does going through wickets power up the player, is it co-op or playing against each other, what about special moves (can you hammer a ball into the ground? Move a wicket left or right?), what do the wickets represent (gates? Power boosts?). It'll be an RPG, but just using croquet as a vehicle/material to create it. Could be done for any sport really - baseball, basketball, soccer...I've been thinking about croquet though cause there's quite a lot of different tools/materials that can be repurposed, and I think the pacing of croquet may fit well with a turn-based RPG. 

Was thinking sth more family friendly, and am specifically looking for co-game designers, illustrators, also open to music, writing, and VA - if interested let me know!

Have been mulling this idea for a while and am looking for anyone interested in combining croquet with RPG elements. Anyone interested in collaborating?

Thank you!

Hi Reabs, thanks for playing and for the feedback! I agree, when I was initially designing it, I was trying to have the player mop tiles twice when mopping to create a more gradual feel, and wanted to incorporate a complex push puzzle for the cannonballs. However, for some reason I wasn't able to get the programming to work, so I had to simplify the gameplay. If I remake it, will definitely try to add these in. Thanks again!

Thanks! :) Yeah due to other scheduled items I had only a couple of days to put this together and that definitely influenced the scope. I can definitely see how the visual instructions from the pirate power point presentations weren't as clear, especially with no dialogue. Might remake it in the future as an SNES version.  Thanks for checking it out! 

Having the same issue :( mac build? I need to play more peaceful games!

Super cool game, really enjoyed playing it! Really impressive for 7 days, and cool concept for a game!

As others mentioned it does freeze here and there, but nonetheless this pixel art is on point. Excited to see how this turns out when it's finished!

These graphics are amazing! Really cool character as well. Great job on the game!

That hair! haha, great pixel art and cool concept!

Jeez I'm really bad at jumping haha But a super cool concept! Also really like the color scheme, super Tron-like!

Super intense! The boost mechanic to just squeak by the oncoming traffic is great! Great concept and love the colors! 

Great art and UI! Love the ability to shoot through lasers!

Goat is best. Goat is legend

Thank you! Yeah, the assets by sonDanielson and 0x72 are great, and then putting them together with my own assets, I always feel it's like Legos.

Thanks! Yeah, I wasn't sure how long it should be. I kept on thinking about other potential chores the goat could do: raising the pirate flag, scouting for land, etc. But in the end liked ending it with 3, supposedly that's a magic number. Tri-force!

Thank you! That was the goal, glad it kinda turned out!

Thank you! I really appreciate that! Maybe it will become a larger game in the future with the goat acting more like a goat: eating the map, pushing cannon balls into the water, you know basic goat stuff.

Thank you! Yeah it's created in GB Studio which is great. As for the game, it was kinda like looking in a fridge when you're looking for something to cook after exploring and finding the assets. Saw the boat, thought of a goat = Goat on Boat :)

Goat is best captain. Thank you, and thanks for playing :)

Arrgh that's my bad. Little longer it shall be next yar-time. Thank you! :)

Also, love your pixel art! Really reminds me of Adventure Time

Thanks, really appreciate it!! The screen limit was kinda nice actually, since that decision was already made, just had to figure out what could fit...Maybe this will be the 2021 trend for games :) 

The phone as a weapon is one of the most creative things I've seen in a while

Thanks! It's a combo of a few different artists including sonDanielson, rhys, and others. 

Should be good now!

awesome job, the art is great!

Just added the ROM file, seems to be having a couple of issues when I open it in OpenEMU, will try to get that fixed as soon as possible

thanks! :) it was a rush, but first full video game so a lot of adrenaline haha

Great sketches, excited to see where this goes!

Hope you like it! :)

Cool! Should be adding in some more small things here in a day or two, and will upload it!

Love the music and level design, this is great!

If anyone wants the ROM version of this when it's complete just let me know, cheers!

love the slashing mechanic, great animation!

Looks great! Now I want a donut...