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Thank you for laughing

tuy hơi khó chơi nhưng GoodChóp em, mong rằng trong tương lai e sẽ có nhiều sự đột phá mới.

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Have u posted the jam on rcbasic forum?

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cool... I must  join in

Ngầu đấy bro :3

yess, thanks :D

Now I cannot access to that syntaxbomb forum. Can u tell me when the contest begin?

thank you, I will consider it carefully if I had time ⏲💻

idk but it worked for me .i use firefox browser

Eyyy... Hello johnno in RCbasic forum. No sound after u converted a game?

aww thank you! But you hard to believe this game was a jam game? 😂lol

woaaa, you are the person who created terminal, I had downloaded your tool before downloading your game and at that time, I realised they are belong to the same creator

the game-play is interesting! Good-job!

yeah someone wanted me to add more 4 days, and I agreed, sorry if u mind, this is the last change!

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HAHA... simple but FUN! Congratulation! For your first HTML5 game

um... I dont know at all, I just know about window things. Did you google it?

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Here we have a gamedev expert! Welcome IEP!

Nice! Thx :3

So cool! Thank you :)


Cool game! It work in Firefox, I like the game-play

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Hello Childissad :)

I'm super happy when you decided to join my jam. Thank you!

That tsunami dream... I dreamed that too!

Make me trust it. Give me some preview images

cool game

what it can do?

you made it with Godot?

Im finding my eye glasses

OMG! Thanks for following me. Your game Posey Picks and the Bus Stop really made my day, I say!!

cool game but hard af


Is there  any discord server ?

EPIC GAME !!!! Blowed my MIND!

super fun !

cool game

cool game

Thank you so much! XD