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Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thanks a lot!

Nice little game. Mechanic was really good, i liked idea of a "checkpoint" in the middle of the level. Game could be a little more polished, theme sound, steps sound, some animations would change a lot. Nonetheless i really enjoyed it though i couldn't jump to the door in "good luck" level.

Nice little game with funny plottwist at the and that made me smile. Its a little buggy and artstyle is kinda mixed, but i enjoyed it keep working, good job!

Fun game, though I didn't really liked that idea of "try to find good solution by mistakes if you don't start from the beggining", maybe I was missing something or just didn't get your clues, I dont know. Nonetheless artstyle was very good and audio too. I liked those cutscenes and backstory. Also jump wasn't working properly and character was jumping with a little delay, probably because I was playing on webGL I know it can casue a lot of physic problems. Nonetheless I enjoyed it good entry for the jam!

Very interesting game. I loved the menu and audio. Jump machanic is a little unintuitive but I got used to it in a few minutes. I also liked that moving background and the idea of round level, you had to work on it hard. Overall great game i really enjoyed it and finished it!

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Thanks a lot for advice! I will put fast update when i get back to my computer with project. Life counter is in next levels and instant die mechanic is introduced in level 2. I will try to fix this movement problem and add more lifes, thanks for playing! 

I will add some lifes when i get my computer with project! Thanks for advice.


I let my friends play it and they told me that the game is super hard too xd. I didn't know it when i was making this because games are always easier for creator to complete. You can see my whole Walk-Through in game site, if you are curious how all the levels looked it lasts 3 minutes. Thanks for playing though!

Wow. This game was super-enjoyable. I loved that jukebox sound, also graphics are really polished so my overall experience was great! I loved it and it's a shame it has so little ratings and comments, but dont mind it mine has only a few too xD. The only cons i found was lack of some audio effects like footsteps and darts throw. Nonethe less great job I am waiting for more games from you!

What a simple and great game! Audio and Video was really relaxing and had very positive attitude. But game should get harder faster and when its finally challanging it should get harder slower xd, nonetheless I really enjoyed it well done! 

I see we had similar ideas :D

The game looks great but some mechanics are not established so it was hard to me to fully understand all of them, due to that i didnt finished that title. I would love to see a walkthrough or a solution video!

Nice little game, but understanding of main mechanic took too much time, because it wasnt established in the game, also player bullets were't visable, nontheless I enjoyed it, nice entry for the jam!

Nice attempt, but level should be shorter, because rewind lasts for too long, also levels could match with mechanic little more, nonetheless good job, my friend really enjoyed it!

Very nice entry! Game is super enjoyable, though one level is bugged and anytime I refresh it I end up on black screen :/ also its sometimes hard to point on moving objects by cursor, regardless of these little issues, good job, very interesting game!

Nice little game, the idea was super creative! But you could have made little better audio and graphic, nonetheless nice try in the Jam!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement! I know the game is far from perfect, I take "bad comments" as advices and won't give up making games, practice makes the master, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Thanks a lot! I have a lesson not to make games just before a deadline

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the video and advice! I will try my best in next jams I will participate

Im sorry you did't enjoy it :/ I dont know why cursor was visible, on all devices I tested this it was hidden or I just had to alt + tab game window once, It was my first 3D game so i didnt know that "Hold mouse button" mechanic is something bad, but lot of ppl were suprised by this, so I will avoid it in next games, also I wanted to make surroundings more detailed but the game was made in 3 days so i couldnt focus on graphic aspect that much :(, Bubbles were supposed to be "search the house" task, I wanted to make something with fading objects because I needed to practice this, and "fading dark orbs" were ment to be a fog or a mist that you have to enlight to make sure that there is nothing your dauther should be aware of, but i couldnt make anything fog-like so i did just fading orbs in act of desperation xd, nontheless thanks for your opinion I will do my best in next jams!

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed!

Hi! I know the game is not the best but i had very little time to make it work because it was made for 2 minute horror jam, so most of my ideas had to go to te bin :/ nonetheless great video! I hope my next games will be more enjoyable for you!


Thanks a lot for the video!

Thanks a lot for gameplay and the comment, yeah I am not proud of that ending neither but I had very little time and a lot of ideas had to be thrown away :/ At least I got a lesson not to do things just before a deadline xd

Thanks a lot for the gameplay

Thanks for the video!

Thanks for playing and the vid!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot for the gameplay!

Thanks a lot! I considered that Idea but I had too little time to make it work, I barely made it working before the deadline xd

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the video!