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There's a timer at the top of the screen when you play the doctor part. When it reaches zero you return to the battlefield and the game loops. You can technically play forever with new, unique names for the blurble soldiers being generated every time.

But yeah, it's jankey in every respect 😅

Thanks for coming back to it though and trying it out!

My idea was narrative duality. There are two sides to war, and each side sees themselves as the hero. If you played until the second half (which triggers after you die) then you play as a doctor on the opposing side. I guess that wasn't so obvious tho 😅

I got stuck on the level immediately after the tutorial. The spikes seemed just slightly too tall and the gaps to jump across were slightly too wide.

Other than that, while the assets you used were nice, I kind of preferred the silhouette style you kind of had going during the tutorial.

That said, I've never used Unreal, so I don't how hard it was to put this together. Good job finishing this for the jam regardless!

Heyo. I played it, and after the character enters the nightmare by touching the bed, he runs right until he touches the door... then the game closes. Is that intentional?

Ach, dangit. Oh well. Thanks for trying anyway.

Cheers m8, and good luck

Heyo! I beat your whole game. Great job, loved it. The simple aesthetic works really well. One of the last levels had a wall that was invisible no matter which plane you were in though.

Haha thanks! This is our first game jam submission, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

I beat your game. I enjoyed it a lot, it's a simple concept but quite fun ^.^

The only problem I found was that the range of the enemies attacks (aside from the wizard) felt too long. For instance, the skeletons sword would hit me a distances that felt far enough away to be safe.

Regardless, since the levels load instantly and only fifteen seconds of progress are lost on death, I still beat the game anyway ^.^

I had a blast playing this for a few minutes! Really great concept, and really satisfying to play. 

Aside from the bugs you mention in the description, the only thing I found weird was controlling the wibbly circle thingy by holding the mouse. Maybe have it at a set distance that expands even further whent he mouse is pressed, and returns to the default distance when released?