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Got pretty close to passing stage 2. It's quite a scramble to handle reloading when the zombies are up in my face. My head seemed pretty high in the game - tables were down by my knees. I guess you have to shoot to get health boosts? Some sound feedback when I buy ammo would be helpful.

Well done getting a VR game up and running.

Thanks for the game!

Cool, I'll be able to check it out some time this week, not sure when.

I walked around "in game" some. What I see is kind of a browish earth globe with the horizon circling me with a big white vertical box right in the middle of my play area. I can walk through the square and see the same thing on the other side. I ran room scale setup again, and it's still the same thing. No rush getting back to this, I'm happy to retest when you get around to it.

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Awesome game guys, really fun! I couldn't figure out how to restart once I was dead. Thanks for the game +1

You have a point. This game probably has value in non-vr mode and it would be fun, but watch the videos. Those reactions are real, and they would not happen if you were playing on a 2d monitor. My heart jumped out of my chest the first few rounds. That aspect is huge, and completely lost outside of VR. It's with good reason the game was made with that in mind. I was the first of my IRL buddies to take the plunge (drop $ as you mentioned) into VR. For my friends who have the space and funds needed, I'm dumbfounded that they won't take the plunge. Only one has, and he agrees 100%.

Unsure how to load this is VR. Worked on monitor, nothing in vive though.

Hey FYI it's not working for me. I get a screen on my monitor with start, load, option, highscore, exit options. Clicking on them with mouse has no affect. In my headset I see a half white wall and the rest is brown. Willing to work with you to figure the issue out.

Sounds good, thanks for the response. Also, I was at a loss when the flare went out and all was dark and sadness until I read the walk through, but that's early access amiright :-)

Looking forward to the new release.

Like the city/zombie environment. The slow movement can be frustrating. Hope to see more of this, looks promising.

My arms are already sore and I smacked the wall once. What a great game. Love the weirdness, rubby leg guys, random laughter in the background, arms up to start, gore - This game could go over the top with that with blood and limbs going all over. Maybe a little less rubberiness in the spear and hammer. Thanks for the game. +1