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One Of The Last

Virtual Reality Apocalyptic Survival Game · By Deep Voodoo Gaming Ltd

Nice environment

A topic by Donutsauce created Oct 25, 2016 Views: 229 Replies: 2
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Like the city/zombie environment. The slow movement can be frustrating. Hope to see more of this, looks promising.


Hi DonutSauce,

Thank you for the feedback, we have actually tweaked the movement a little - whilst the distance you can move per "jump" has not increased, the recharge of your stamina is now 1.5x faster.

In addition there's a new soda machine perk called "Stamina". When you buy and drink this soda it further multiplies the distance and recharge by 1.5x (helps as the zombies now get faster with each round)

Expect a new release this weekend!


Sounds good, thanks for the response. Also, I was at a loss when the flare went out and all was dark and sadness until I read the walk through, but that's early access amiright :-)

Looking forward to the new release.