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Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know there's a much better and bigger version on steam for you to play!

It even includes multiplayer, new levels and better VR mechanics for zombie killing :)


In this version of the game you must touch the controller to the $1000 on the fence and pull the trigger..

In the latest versions on steam you use the teleport beam to open and use such things!

Head on over to our steam store page for more information and the latest release!

Hi DonutSauce,

Thank you for the feedback, we have actually tweaked the movement a little - whilst the distance you can move per "jump" has not increased, the recharge of your stamina is now 1.5x faster.

In addition there's a new soda machine perk called "Stamina". When you buy and drink this soda it further multiplies the distance and recharge by 1.5x (helps as the zombies now get faster with each round)

Expect a new release this weekend!


This is the third release, most game mechanic's improvements:

  • Zombies now drop perks (max ammo, instant kill, etc.)
  • Breaking barriers now work correctly
  • Some new models and decals
  • Outer boundary circle to show you where you can teleport to (with your stamina amount)
  • A menu, helps restart and quit.

Current user feedback on Release 3

  • Money tags should show sooner, should also have an icon to "touch"

Next release will focus on:

  • Zombies that increase in speed as the rounds go up
  • Puzzles to unlock features
  • 2 Additional weapons (buyable from walls)
  • Sounds for breaking barriers

Hi everyone,

Please let us know any feedback regarding release two of the game, it's still very alpha so there's lots to go (and add!)

The feedback current list is:

  • (Empty)

Hi Everyone,

We've just released our first (alpha) version of our new VR game called "One Of The Last".

Even if you don't have VR right now, we'd still love your feedback on the game, style and current game play (videos are on our website)

Please check out our page and comment there -

Our website is at

Video can be seen here -

We usually post most updates, screenshots and interesting game mechanic on Twitter

As us anything :) we want the community to help shape the direction of this project!!



Hi everyone,

Please let us know any feedback regarding the initial release of the game, it's still very alpha so there's lots to go (and add!)

The feedback current list is:

  • Skip the intro (talking part) by using both triggers at the same time
  • Throw another flare if you can't find the generator in time
  • Increase grab distance on objects
  • Some bugs with colliders on entries to zombie spawn points, you can't shoot them until they leave it