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City Survivor

Survival game from zombies in a city. VR EXCLUSIVE! · By MCer4294967296, libra34567

Not working :(

A topic by Donutsauce created Oct 26, 2016 Views: 403 Replies: 4
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Hey FYI it's not working for me. I get a screen on my monitor with start, load, option, highscore, exit options. Clicking on them with mouse has no affect. In my headset I see a half white wall and the rest is brown. Willing to work with you to figure the issue out.


Thank you for the information!

For the mouse issue, it is how it is designed and currently I do not think I can find a way to enable both mouse and vive controller input, and I myself hate the exclusive vive input...

But yes, the headset issue is definitely serious. Would you please try to (this seems fun but I am not making fun of you:) move backwards to see if the headset becomes totally white. If so, please calibrate your device because before I have kind of same problem as you described. And if calibration do no help, I think I met a huge problem..

And again, thank you for the information and this post. I have been so worried because no one ever post anything. And apologetically, I am a student and kind of busy these days. I will be free and continue developing this game after maybe Nov. 15.

I walked around "in game" some. What I see is kind of a browish earth globe with the horizon circling me with a big white vertical box right in the middle of my play area. I can walk through the square and see the same thing on the other side. I ran room scale setup again, and it's still the same thing. No rush getting back to this, I'm happy to retest when you get around to it.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi Donutesauce

The new version with a new main menu scene is now added to the game, we used radial menu on wand instead of the original laser pointer solution. Please give it a try!



Cool, I'll be able to check it out some time this week, not sure when.

Developer (1 edit)

Awesome, fyi, another version is uploaded for improved shopping mechanism