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City Survivor

Survival game from zombies in a city. VR EXCLUSIVE! · By MCer4294967296, libra34567

Working now! :-)

A topic by Donutsauce created Nov 30, 2016 Views: 186 Replies: 1
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Got pretty close to passing stage 2. It's quite a scramble to handle reloading when the zombies are up in my face. My head seemed pretty high in the game - tables were down by my knees. I guess you have to shoot to get health boosts? Some sound feedback when I buy ammo would be helpful.

Well done getting a VR game up and running.

Thanks for the game!


Awesome!, Thanks for your feedback.

Here is our plan for the next iteration:

1. The game will need to be balanced, me myself can't even get to stage 4.

2. The table is too low, need adjusting.

3. Health boosts will be on the table for sale in the next update. So it won't waste the precise bullets.

4. And yes, we will add sound feedback!.


Brian Li