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Congrats on getting here. And really cool of you to let us who got it through the bundle get the full version, would have totally understood if it wasn't (actually all this time I was about 50/50 on believing it would be so).

Really excited here as well. Saw this as I just finished a 3rd playthrough of "lost art" and thought to check if you had released anything new and really looking forward to it. Lost art was such a great game and this should be as well.

It's unbelievable how much extra content you've added to this game. I thought for sure at this point you'd be done and planning your next game. Looking forward to returning to this game again. 

Holy shit - can't wait.

I want to replay the game, but there's no option to reset my progress, which is very odd for a puzzle game. Tried to find the save file in the directory, but no luck there either. Please help me. 

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Fantastic game with interesting mechanics. I really liked the system of artifacts allowing you to very well modulate difficulty. I also liked the 3 various extra challenges (I did them all) which gave fun experiences. I would offer a few pieces of suggestions should you ever make a game like this again. 

1. The precision aim really could have used a better tutorial or some reminder later down. I never even used it straight at the beginning since it wasn't necessary and completely forgot it existed until I reached a very late level that couldn't be beaten without it and had quite a few frustrations wondering why 360 degree aim didn't exist. 

2.While the puzzles are good they require quite a few steps, this becomes a problem for some of them where the puzzle is actually not the early parts, they are simply, but a later one that can be quite difficult, this involves a too tedious process of resetting the puzzle for every try so maybe keep that in mind.

3. While I appreciate the cinematic/story effect of the expanding orange circles they essentially work as a timer on each puzzle and that causes problems for accessibility. This is especially true for the puzzle game genre which is supposed to be accessible. On some of these the timings were quite tight. Maybe an artifact that adjusted that would have been a good idea or something in the settings. 

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Fantastic puzzle game. I was really amazed with the sheer quantity of mechanics, there were quite a lot of them and introduced rather quickly, but you manage to do it in a way so it never became overwhelming. The difficulty of the puzzles was fairly inconsistent, but I enjoyed them a lot. Great game. 

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For this length no, it wasn't really. If it had been a longer length or had a much harder difficulty, that would have been one thing. But as it is it is just that - an inconvenience in an otherwise great game and nothing more.

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Great game just as Golf Peaks & Inbento (both in my top #2 and top #4 of all time for puzzle games respectively). You are quickly becoming my favorite puzzle game dev (this one is kind of a cross with a tactics game which worked really well). The only thing I'd say about this one is usually in tactics games movement phases and attack phases are split for a very good reason - that reason being is that it's really easy in this game to just move by accident instead of attacking and moving to a specific spot for it, and with no undo button you either have to eat the mistake if that's possible and if it's not you have to restart the level and I had to do that a lot (also it wasn't clear that you actually COULD move before attacking, there is a shading but I didn't notice that because it was so slight, I thought the space they attack from was randomly chosen, I only discovered it halfway through the game). That said I had a fantastic time with this. Looking forward to the next game (I know this technically came out before Inbento, but I didn't know about it). 

This was a really solid mini-metroidvania. Metroidvanias are my favourite genre, but I don't really like the mini ones, in fact this is "gato roboto" are the only ones I've liked, but it was really fun. Shame about no controller support but with the length it wasn't that much a concern. One thing I would bring to your attention though is that the up/diagonal aiming ability doesn't seem to trigger properly. Sometimes I was able to make it trigger but most of the time pressing a directional button would just not make the character fire at all. I was able to get past the critical block and could complete the rest of the level without it, but you know - look into it. Other than that solid mini-metroidvania. 

It's a mini-metroidvania. It took me 40 minutes to finish. Yeah, it's a shame, but you know you won't be sitting 10 hours with it. 

This review is intended only for accessibility reasons. I think the game succeeds well on what it seeks to do and is a fine game. HOWEVER, if you struggle with visualization, especially being able to mentally rotate images, thinking several steps ahead where images will be and being able to rotate them in this future states this game gets increasingly more annoying and inaccessible as you progress. This is compounded by the fact that in order to do these rotations you have to physically go through often quite a few steps to reach these rotation points so if you can't really do these things the game gets more and more inaccessible as you continue. I had almost finished the game (and I absolutely hadn't hated all of it), but I just reached a point where I just said "no, it's not worth it anymore". If this is not a problem for you however I think you will enjoy the game. 

Absolutely loved this game. I had played the demo before but had held off on buying the full game so it was a pleasant surprise to get it in the bundle (thanks for your contribution). A Phoenix Wright-style game but I actually liked it. I tried those once but I just found them annoying (in several ways) but this one gets right to the fun. The storylines were fantastic and Nina is an absolutely amazing character with a wonderful character arc. I also loved seeing some great fat representation which we don't often see in games. The scene when Nina claps back at Chad's fatphobia was just absolutely amazing too I just sat back and WOW. Can't wait for season 2.

Thanks for the offer but my depression makes that a bit difficult. I'll just look forward to the full release and will see then.

Did you remove the demo? I can't seem to find a download button to re-download it and it's not added to the steam page. I tried the demo ages ago and had some issues with the controls but that was largely due to my gamepad being a bit broken. Now that I replaced it I wanted to try it again to confirm how it really plays. If you removed it that's that but the files are listed on this page.

Pretty good game. If you wanted I think you could expand this into a full game. The concept has great promise.

Really good, especially considering it was made in 48 hours. You got talent for this genre.

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Really good game. I didn't particularly care for the mechanic of the 3rd world (the purple water was ok, but not the ghosts) as it kinda turned many levels into not really a puzzle game but one of reflexes, which makes it pretty inaccessible, which is a shame as puzzle games is one of the most accessible genres. Especially the boss on 3-7 I found completely inaccessible and I stopped playing there. That said, a remarkable game for being made in 48 hours and I think this could be amazing if you wanted to turn it into a full game and added the ability to skip levels that are too inaccessible. Good job.

Pretty good, looking forward to the full release.

Really good demo. Looking forward to the full release. Keep it up.

Promising game. I hope you'll be able to release it as some point in the future. As a metroidvania fan this is definitely something I'd be interested in. It could do with tightening up the controls and some other stuff obviously, but the core idea is interesting. Best of luck.

Absolutely fantastic game. Some of the best writing I've seen in a game with a perspective on the theme I don't think I've seen in a game before. A suggestion for full version: you really need to add a skip button for the visual novel parts, especially since they also occur in boss fights & you have to redo the rather lengthy interactions time and time again if you don't beat the boss the first time around. Other than that I love it & can't wait for the full version.

Great game.

This was really good.

Great game. Good mechanics, platforming challenges, interesting story & good characters. I really like it. My only complaint really is that there is no way to alter the exit angle for the grapple other than by falling positioning which made some challenges rather frustrating. But other than that - yeah, great game.

Great game. Truly. You have a pretty bad bug that needs sorted though. Basically every single day except the first one during the shift the game would get a bug where the clock wouldn't advance. I would need to save & quit + reenter several times for it to work.

Glad to hear it. Yeah, I have your next game lined up in my list of demos to try out. 

Great game.

Really good game. The puzzles were a bit on the easy side, but the concept was fun enough to play around with that it more than made up for it.

So I rather like this game. The puzzles are mostly good, though they tend to derive too much of their difficulty from simply not knowing which side the "x" is at. The puzzles where that's easy to see are much easier than the ones where it is not. Or if that's something you are expected to be able to keep in your head it really makes it inaccessible to people with not great visualization ability (like me). One thing I really urge you to change in future games however is for the restart having to only be restarting the entire level, not just reversing the last move as most puzzle games let you do. Having to redo everything you just did just to get back to where you are is not difficult (because you know what to do), it's just annoying. It wouldn't be so bad if you could consistently reverse the mistake yourself by retracing the path, but usually if you make a mistake you can't do that, which means a lot of time is spent resetting the current part of the puzzle (and even that you can make a mistake and have to reset even there), which really takes away from the enjoyment of the game. That said, I did like the game & completed it.

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Thanks a lot. I found it now & it works. I'll leave the comment up though in case anyone else has the same problem.

Hey, is there a way to turn off controller vibration for this game? I couldn't find any in the options & that's a glaring inaccessibility issue as it makes the game 100% unplayable to many people (including myself).

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Just finished all 121 levels. A truly excellent puzzle game. While the visual presentation isn't all that striking at a first glance, it allows for an amazing level of overview of each puzzle. The mechanics that are employed are also masterfully executed, each new one including a new element that combines with all others. And while some of them can be frustrating in certain puzzles I don't think I found any one mechanic that I outright disliked per se as opposed to just in certain puzzles. A truly remarkable game.

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Thanks for your reply. Just finished the game at all perfect. There were a few more frustrating levels, but not any more that were an RNG thing as opposed to me not being that good at this type of stuff. Fantastic game all-around. I'm also rather amazed how well you managed to create a rather relatable story for the character with just a few short snippets as well as the gameplay. Really good game. 

Also, it wasn't really 5 times in a row. I'm not that good. They were interspaced with runs where I didn't get that far, just to clarify. It was still frustrating though. 

Hey love the game, but I think you might have mistimed the level where you make the burgers - at least as far as the "perfect" score goes. I ran the entire level at full speed & made no mistakes, yet I failed because the RNG didn't line up right. This happened to me 5+ times. I was eventually able to do it, but waiting for the RNG to line up seems different from how all the other challenges worked.

This is the best thing ever. I love it.

Holy crap. I got this in the racial justice bundle & thought it would be an allright game with cute dogs, but this is seriously one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. Great job. 

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Hey, uhm, I just played this game (well I played one of the routes, Nanami's) as I got it in the Racial Justice Bundle & I just have to say what a phenomenal job you did with this. I've been playing VNs since High School & this might be the best VN I have ever played - certainly among the top ever. Phenomenal job with the writing & character development.