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Hmm... I extracted the game as you said, but my screen is only the background colour. I can see things are being printed in the console such as "player hit" so the game is working, just not sure why I can't see anything :/

So, this is what happened to the people Catherine couldn't save... it was interesting to hear their thoughts. Is there any end screen to the game? I got a bit lost and found a book and an electronic panel, but no way forward from there without going back through the teleporter.

Thanks for playing! I ran out of time for controller support sadly, but it would probably be quite a good thing to add in! Congrats on guessing the pickup names (almost) - [W] was meant to be "wave" ;)

Energy is what is increasing the power of your weapon. I'll need to make that and other things much clearer, most likely through a much better tutorial.

And to fix that last issue, I have plans for a much better enemy spawning system that means you won't be waiting around as often.

Good luck if you do go back for the good ending!

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Thanks for playing!

Skipping dialogue (and an overall better dialogue system) is going to be one of the first improvements to be made.
I'm going to include a much better tutorial for beginners, as I realise now after reading through these comments that a lot of people didn't understand the main mechanics of the game.

Also, that NaN glitch - Annoying! I spent a while patching that out just before the jam ended. Would you mind saying whether you were playing in browser or in the download or using the itch app? The enemies not having hitboxes for a brief moment was intentional - as all enemies enter from the top you could kill them just before they went on screen.

And yes, I used that link you sent me for female grunt noises :P

Thanks a lot for playing! After reading through everyone's feedback, it's clear that I need to speed up the character and also put in a much more detailed tutorial :P I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I had a few things in mind I'd like to change for the next game but you've come up with some points I never thought about. I guess sending the player back to the start after using a continue was a bit too harsh, but I thought it made the game feel more arcade-like. Never mind; I'll scrap that for sure. You're also the second one to mention the character moving too slowly and hardly needing to use LShift.

I did realise whilst making the game that the bullet patterns were extremely basic and I learned about that aimed attack trick well after I finished making the game. Whoops! 

I can promise more bullets and more varied boss bullet patterns for the next one. 

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! So when you collect those E pickups, that adds 1 to your energy. Every energy point will increase your damage per second, but at certain amounts it will make more noticeable changes such as more bullets or faster fire rate. Dodge points are given when a bullet touches your character sprite but it doesn't touch your hitbox which is much smaller.

Well, at least you tried :P If it gives you any incentive, the stage 2 music is pretty cool!

Thanks for playing! Good to hear you liked the music, I spent a lot more time on it compared to with other jams, and there was a LOT of trial and error involved. How far did you get?

Wow, I'm really happy you liked the music! This is my first time making music for someone else, so it's cool to hear it came across well.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked the game, even if you found it a bit hard!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and liked the flow and story. I did originally have plans for 6 levels instead of 5, but ultimately the time limit didn't allow for it. 

A fun little bullet hell game. I liked the character switching mechanic and the different attacks you could do. Interested to see how this progresses past the prototype.

Thanks for playing! There isn't a limit to how many bombs you can stockpile. I tried to balance the laser a bit by dividing its DPS by 2, but clearly it still came out on top. Nice that you liked the backgrounds!

As a fan of 90s FPS games and The Elder Scrolls, I really enjoyed this game.

The katana weapon felt cool to use as well as the other spells, although I mostly used the ranged attack. The music was great for getting me pumped up and bouncing around the arena was really fun. You even managed to get some voice acting in there! 

As for feedback, I felt like the enemy sprites you chose didn't really fit well with what you drew yourself, but it was understandable given the time limit. I also wonder whether the katana weapon should attack a little faster, as it felt like I was taking a lot of hits because of how slow the attacks were.

Both the story and the cutscenes were engaging, and I really like what you did with the ending. Great work!

A fun idea for a game!

I think it would be good if holding shift revealed your hitbox, and it might be good to show your score underneath the distance too. I like the polish you've added to the game and the 3D graphics are great. I don't know if I got lucky or not but on my first playthrough I found a lot of safespots by just waiting at the bottom of the screen. Also, you can move through doors after they've closed, giving you little reason to shoot them down.

I believe this game only has one stage? After I defeated the fish boss, it just kept on scrolling, so tell me if there's more that I missed.

The first thing I'd like to mention is the control. The mouse based movement is an interesting idea, but it is also very imprecise as slight movements of the mouse can get you killed. I'd suggest an alternate control scheme of arrow keys and Z to shoot.

The idea of "conservation of energy" made for some challenging gameplay, except for the fact that you can collect 1 energy, start firing the 3 sets of bullets, and then as long as you don't let go of the left mouse button you can continue firing 3 bullets even if you're out of energy.

The boss fight was fairly challenging and had some varied attack patterns. You've made a good start!

Let me first of all say that you've created a lot in a month. Well done!

I think your magical girl concept is very unique and I really like the way you linked it to Schrodinger's Cat. I don't know if the spinner when you die is biased or not, as with 4 deaths I was only revived once. 

I was engaged in the gameplay, and exploring the world was fun. I liked the dialogue at the shop and the variety of characters which helped keep me interested in the story. I would suggest adding more frequent save points as I first died at the spider and did not find the nearby save point at the time, sending me back to the birth place. However, I kept my upgrades and the enemies did not respawn so it was easy to get back to where I was.

The other thing I would mention is that attacking in the air also locks your horizontal movement. I had done this in a game I made for a jam a while ago, and I didn't really see anything wrong with it until people pointed out it made jump attacking feel bad. I'd suggest changing it so that you can move horizontally whilst jump attacking, trust me it feels a lot better.

The graphics were great and I especially liked the character portraits. The animations are smooth and there is a lot of polish, just from the way the player moves to the different transitions you've included.

Both the sound effects and music were well chosen and suited the atmosphere of the game.

Nice game!

I'm impressed with what you managed to create in a month. The game is very engaging; I enjoyed every stage and I didn't feel like it went on too long.

The music helped to set the atmosphere and sound design was good too. However, if I had to give some feedback I think the first stage's song is too calm considering the amount of Nightmares on screen.

As for the story, I did enjoy Moonlit Curse's story more but it was still good, just not really my kind of story.

The gameplay here is great and the variety of attacks made each battle feel different. I also enjoyed both of the boss fights, although it did seem that Number 21 had a lot more health and was generally harder than Tama's Doubt.

The art style was consistent and fit the game well. Animations are very smooth and the hitstop helped to add impact into the attacks.

If you were ever going to update the game in the future, I would suggest having some level of interactivity with the environment, such as being able to knock over bins or smash the glass tubes in the lab area.

Great work!

I thought I recognised that boss music! The new music here was great, I liked the arcade feel it gave the game.

Got it, thanks for the feedback!

Congratulations on the 1cc! Seeing as you thought the player movement was quite slow, did you use the slow mode much or did you think that the normal movement speed was slow enough?

Stage 4... who knew that being BAD at video games would be so hard? Fun game though

Hello everyone! I've just released my latest project, Hell's Vault. Taking place in the 9 circles of hell, you must fight your way through to the end. There's lots of replay value due to the different characters to unlock and the different powerups you can collect. In addition to the bullet hell aspect of the game, the walls of the arena are slowly closing in on you, so the longer you take in the level, the harder it gets!

I hope you enjoy playing this game, and I appreciate any feedback. Check out the game here:

Here's some screenshots so you can see what to expect!

A great sidescroller. The grenade physics were spot on - headbutting grenades back at enemy soldiers felt great. I wasn't expecting the angry sun from SMB3 to make an appearance either. If I were to give some feedback, there's just a few minor issues: One of the soldiers in the first stage is covered by the HUD and there are several instances where the camera isn't quite panned down enough so you can't see what's below you, forcing you to make a "leap of faith". Unfortunately, I landed into spikes twice. Despite this though, I had fun playing the game. Great work given the time limit!

Thanks, glad to hear it came across well.

I know this is for Ludum Dare 47, but after the jam is over, you might want to consider switching some controls around; in Chrome F1 opens the help menu and I couldn't get the ALT + ENTER fullscreen to work. DOES have a built in fullscreen button you can add in, though. Other than that, fun game!

Thanks! I was actually just going to go for a regular pre-rendered style such as the first Myst, but I thought it was time to try something a little different.

Thanks! Yeah, I'll definitely be using this for future projects, there's a lot of potential here.

Finished it! Really enjoyed the whole thing, and I'm impressed with the amount of content you put in for the short amount of time we were given.

This is a really great adventure game, but unfortunately I'm stuck on the memory card puzzle :(

Thanks for checking it out!

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Great! Would you consider adding a fullscreen option to the desktop build? Are there any plans for gamepad support in the future?

Very good pixel art! Glad to see another construct 2 user as well ;)

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ROOM 238 is a very short point and click game that was created for the $104 Adventure Game Challenge game jam, with a time restriction of roughly two weeks. Explore a hotel late at night and discover what lies inside ROOM 238. The visual style of the game is heavily inspired by classic hypercard games such as Cosmic Osmo. If you do play the game, I'd appreciate any feedback you can give. Thanks!


I didn't get time to fully playtest the game, so I hope there aren't too many bugs.. Have fun!

Oh nice, I'll check that one out! Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing! This was actually the first time I made all the audio myself, so glad you enjoyed it.

It might be your keyboard, I've double checked and everything seems to be labelled correctly..

:( Thanks for giving it a go anyway!