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Interesting concept, the gameplay is quite varied from button mashing to a rhythm game style section. I love the art and the music, well done!

The character portraits are well made and the bullet patterns have a good balance of being complex and being fun to play and reasonable to dodge. I really liked all of the patterns in this game. The music wasn't that exciting for a boss fight though. The story also ends quite fast but maybe you ran out of time or there is a TLB I am missing. 

Blue point items give extends? This might be the most generous resource system ever XD

Thank you! There's still a lot of games to come :D

Thanks for playing! There'll be an update when the other character portraits are finished.

Thank you! Hope to see you come back for the full version of the game!

The contrast was slightly an issue but the main one was that it scrolled very inconsistently, jumping different amounts of pixels up the screen each time which was both distracting and hard to look at. I think this is probably a bug though. 

This is a fun prototype so far. The touhou style music sounded nice and the pixel art was great. However, the background was really jittery when it scrolled which was super distracting especially in the boss fight. I think the enemies with laser beam attacks could do with some sort of warning for example a thin red line to show the angle of the laser before it spawns. For the mashup, the concept is there but it's hard to say more until there's more cards available. I think it has potential though.

I really like the concept but this really needs checkpoints or a way to regain health, since I couldn't get past the 2nd boss and had to keep replaying from the start with each game over. The story is fun and the graphics look very polished, and the music is very fitting, so nice work!

Thanks for playing the game even if you found it too hard. Even if the other games weren't as hard, I'll aim to add an easy mode next time I do this jam. Once the full game is finished, I don't mind recording a gameplay video for you to watch to see the ren'ai parts.

Thanks for playing and making a video, it was very fun to watch!

Thanks for playing!
If you want an intro, there is a txt file you can download on the game's page that gives some background information and some of my comments on the game. Unfortunately, this game is the first one I've made that assumes you know a bit about the characters already ^^; The only character interaction is in the dates, so it makes sense that you have no clue who they all are.

The circle on the player is your hitbox. If a bullet touches it you die, otherwise it will play the sound if you are near to one, this is called "grazing" and it actually charges your camera slightly faster. There is always a way to avoid the bullets in this game, as long as you plan ahead. The camera clears bullets even if you don't take a photo of the boss, so you can use it defensively.

Thanks for playing and congrats on capturing all the hearts! 
Having the patterns increase in difficulty as you take photos was an idea at first, but submitting this was pretty close so it got cut out.
Also, a free-play mode sounds like a good idea, maybe as a reward for a 100% clear... and a reset option could also work well.
I can't notice any lag or delay on player movement, but it could be because of the camera code running this time around.

Thanks a lot for playing! Unfortunately the dialogue was quite rushed in order to submit in time, but I'll probably go back and refine it and there will also be more character portraits coming later!

The player controls great and the mechanics are mixed in really well. I think this would work well if it was expanded to include more levels and bosses. The boss was very easy to beat, so it felt kind of anticlimactic after the stage portion. It was still fun to play, and the pixel art is really well made! Good choice of music too.

This is a good challenging shoot 'em up game as well as a clever mix with the card genre. The graphics are amazing as well as the choice of music, and the game is very polished. As for feedback, I think that the player movement may be a little too slow when dodging such fast bullet patterns, and I think that the bosses can feel a bit tanky, mostly the 1st and 2nd boss. Maybe there could be a card that powers up your main shot?

This is an interesting concept, but I think that you might need to balance things a bit more. As soon as I worked out how to play and got the totems surrounding the staff fully stacked there wasn't much more to do. There were a few bugs like cards in my hand disappearing, and being unable to draw cards at one point, but I'm sure with a bit more post-jam polish this will be even better.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad to hear the difficulty isn't too unreasonable. The date dialogue was kind of rushed, so maybe there are a few conflicts like that ^^; 

The bonus is only given if there are no bullets covering it, so how easy it is depends a lot on the density and speed of the bullets.

Thanks for playing! The art in the dialogue is still WIP, but there'll be an update in the future to add the rest of the portraits!

Wow, thanks for playing - it's great to hear my composition skills have improved! The art in the game so far looks great, and there'll be an update in the future for the rest of the character portraits ^^ 

Also phew, it's a good mashup huh... I was beginning to doubt my idea a little bit...

I love how polished this is! The art style is great and consistent and the music fits each scene well. My favourite part of this is the danmaku, there are some really creative ideas, especially with the crab themed spellcards. I think that the normal difficulty is a little harder than usual, but that's probably just me. I was able to clear the demo in a few tries anyway, so it wasn't too challenging. I'll come back to play the full version when it's out!

Thanks for playing! Sorry, I don't know much about unreal engine. I might try to make a longer game in this style in the future though.

Thanks for playing and the comment! I think I made normal mode a bit too difficult for this game in the end XD Next time, I'll aim to make a game that even beginners to the genre can enjoy!

Thanks a lot for playing and the comment!

Tengoku 2 is my latest danmaku/bullet hell game featuring 5 stages and 2 different magical girls, each showing their own side of the story!

Investigate the source of a strange mist that is transporting spirits across the ocean...

Thanks for playing!

I thought I replied to this... guess it was just in my head XD
Glad you liked the bullet patterns!

Having the character face the enemy sounds like a good idea, I might consider adding it if I ever update this in the future...

As for the graze... unfortunately, it does absolutely nothing. My one mistake with this entry was leaving the game's resource system to the end and rushing it, which is why things like extends never made it in.

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing! I understand it may seem quite heavily inspired, but at the moment I'm struggling to think of ways of adding unique elements without changing what is expected of this type of game... 

The latest version

At first I thought the game might get too repetitive with the same gameplay of rescuing students. But in the end, I enjoyed this game thanks to the more interesting boss fights. The visuals are very nice and I liked the story and concept, it definitely stood out to me. As for the questions you asked:

How do you feel about the 3d movement/shooting mechanic?

I got used to it eventually, but throughout the game I found the height of bullets to be unclear.

If you have to play procedurally generated chapters repeatly, do you feel if it's repeative?

I'd say yes, unless you manage to add more variety such as new enemies or stage hazards.

If it's a local multiplayer game, do you think it's better to keep in one view and it should split to multiple view?

I'm not really an expert on multiplayer, but I'd prefer split screen over having the camera locked to one player and have everyone else have to follow that person.

What elements do you want to add in the game?

Stage hazards, more enemies, more types of bullets to dodge, maybe powerups...

Wow, that was a great game! It was difficult, but I made it through to the end. It's been a while since I last played a hack and slash... The controls and movement were very well done and made me feel very cool playing the game. I did get a bit frustrated towards the end boss, but luckily I managed to focus and win (Finished with 26 redraws). I liked the little references you threw in as well, such as castlevania and metroid.

If I had to give some feedback: I'd often get hit in slow mo time because enemies would spawn bullets just after I'd dodged and I'd end up running straight into it. Also, my right hand was so dead after playing that I had to use the keyboard to advance the final dialogue scene XD

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This game seems interesting, but I can't make much progress in it. I'm not a fan of wall of text tutorials that don't let you practice what you learned before the next step, but I managed to understand what the game was about and how to play. However, the character shoots so slowly that I keep getting cornered and dying, even on easy mode. Also, it feels like there are just too many controls. Why do I have to aim when it would be much easier if I could just hold down a single button...

I think if you make the beginning part of the game easier to understand and less difficult, it would help me get into more difficult sections of gameplay.

Oh, and I found a bug: if you get hit by an enemy whilst against a wall, you get pushed into the wall and can go out of bounds.

It's intended that you face the direction you took off in, but if you changed direction suddenly before doing this, it would have read that direction instead.

Thanks for playing! 

I hoped that the infinite continues would make this one more accessible to people, so it seems to have worked.

I tried to scale the difficulty as best as I could, and the final boss is indeed aimed at more experienced players of bullet hell. 

Glad you liked the characters and art. The game was programmed in Construct 2.

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Thanks for playing! 

> Is Gabriella the subject of a book Angelica was reading?

Yes, but you had to get past the first boss to find this out since that's when the story truly begins.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by not being able to aim in the air, but you can't aim upwards while flying, that's only on the ground. And having hits pass through you is on purpose, in these types of games the hitboxes on bullets and the player are smaller than they appear which means you can only be hit if the bullet touches a specific spot on you (When flying, this is shown as the circle with the blue outline on the player character)

This was really fun to play through. The music fit the gameplay well and I loved the quick time events. The story was really engaging and searching through the diary made me feel like a detective.

Thanks for playing! I got some comments on MGGJ3 saying that the character was too slow, so maybe this is too far in the other direction... But good that you loved it overall!

Thanks a lot for playing! Glad you liked the game overall as well as the illustrations!

Very fun and engaging as usual. My only complaints are that the hitboxes on stage obstacles or the player need some adjustment so you don't hit the spikes as easily when falling past them. Also, I felt like sometimes my weapon animation was overlapping the boss but the hit didn't register. I think this will be a game that gets better and better with each playthrough, especially due to the speedrun friendly nature of the game. 

Thanks for playing!