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The use of the train makes the gameplay very unique; dodging the incoming obstacles adds something other than bosses to the game. I missed being able to jump, but at least Desdemona was there to make up for it.

There are so many subtle details to unpack in the graphics of this game, and the puzzles were just the right difficulty. Now I wonder if you had an idea for a story like this for a while, or if the 86 themes made the game turn darker...

Thanks a lot for reading!

I would like to sincerely thank you for playing a game about maids.

Thanks for playing! Originally the plan was to have all maids cap at LVL3, but upon disabling the level cap I realised the game was a lot more fun, and it all kind of went from there. Completely destroying enemies with all your LVL10+ maids is my favourite part of this game, but I suppose it can be made even better with some more balancing. By the way, the "Mother of All Omurice" was made to be gamebreaking on purpose just for the fun of it XD

I agree that the omurice needs some balancing, especially the omurice II item. I think a combination of adding some sort of weighting to the item drops will help to mitigate this issue, and I am also planning on adding more items post jam making the omurice drops less common either way. Anyway, glad you found the game fun!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed the mechanics! As for godot, the only major problem I've encountered so far is that there's still a few input issues on the web builds, the most recent one I discovered is that the left and right triggers aren't detected on gamepad. I don't know about performance on other computers, but fps wise it does seem pretty close to the windows version on my setup.

I really enjoyed the combat mechanics and I was really happy to see you'd made the music yourself. It was also great that you managed to make a really nice boss fight too.

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I can tell there has been a lot of thought put into the battle system. While it is complex at the beginning I was quickly able to understand how it worked and found it enjoyable.

At first I felt like this game was going to be really hard, but a few encounters later and I was tearing through enemies in just two moves. I didn't even try to go to the chest rooms, and I went through several special encounters and they felt like the same difficulty as normal enemies. I was especially flummoxed when I beat the boss in 2 attacks XD

This game is insanely polished, it felt like playing a finished game. There's so many small things like slowing down fall speed when you aim in the air that make it way better to play for the player. And the art is amazing. 

Out of interest I tried my xbox one controller and was surprised that this game actually does support controller, which is how I played through the game. It would be great if you listed those controls on the itch page too, so more people can play it this way.

I really like the theme interpretation as the player is doing the purging and not the enemy. The camera work was confusing at first but there were some pretty interesting angles. However, I found the game to be too easy, especially the boss at the end.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, personally I feel like this game needs a remake at some point as it was only made for a one month game jam and it was also my very first attempt at making a bullet hell game.

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately as I do not own a mac I would be unable to test the build, but if you'd like to help with that then maybe I could do something.

Do you like maid cafes, danmaku, or both?

Thanks a lot for playing! Happy to hear you liked the aesthetics and music.

I think this is the best scratch bullet hell game I have seen. I was very impressed by the stage backgrounds and the music reminds me of Lenen. As for feedback I think the deathbomb time is very generous and could probably be halved, and I noticed some of the dialogue especially in stage 3 prints the same letter twice in a row. Looking forward to the full version!

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the game if you ended up checking it out. I did want to add more puzzles but it took way longer than I expected to create all of the nice artwork and it was a jam submission so not much time to finish it.

Reminds me a bit of Space Harrier. I like the chain mechanic and all of the juicy visual effects and sound effects.

The dash attack is great

Thanks for playing. The tutorial definitely needs some massive improvement, I basically just made something that was "good enough" for a jam standard.

Thanks for playing. The story is kinda linked to a previous game I made, so it makes sense if you didn't understand it all. One thing that might be added to the game is some more cutscenes to better link each stage together.

Thanks for playing. Unfortunately I have moved onto other projects since then, but I'm planning to try making a metroidvania again one day!

For some reason I always start the rating by playing Shibey's game. It might not look like that from my post history but I was just being lazy and rating with no comments. Anyway this game was really fun and longer than I was expecting. I got the bad ending but I will hopefully replay after I have checked out some other jam games. If I have to give some feedback, I feel like the 2nd boss fight is actually easier than the first one. But apart from that the music and art were great and the game is very polished as usual.

I played this a few days ago but I just realised you were asking for feedback. The game is surprisingly polished considering it is a jam game. Stuff like the camera movement in cutscenes was cool. But I think there needs to be more variation in patterns in future, for example many patterns were some sort of ring of bullets. The patterns that were more different stood out though so I guess it might just be a time constraint problem. Also the stage environments are really cool.

Thanks for playing! A lot of people left comments about the movement speed, so it might be tweaked in the future. Also glad that you liked the sprites and music. 

Thanks for playing! Actually, the speed in the browser version is the player's slower speed and the run makes it faster. Apparently the bug that prevents shift from working properly in browser will be fixed in a future godot version, but maybe we should consider lowering player speed a bit as well.

Thanks for playing! We are also planning a post jam update with some more content :D

Again thanks a lot for playing and I really appreciate the video!

The art in this game is great. Even if the game may be short, with my visual novel skill I could be here for a long time XD. I am getting closer but not quite there yet. 

I think I have played this at least 6 times and still haven't got the good ending. If this was real I would have been dumped a long time ago...

Wow, thanks for making a video!

Thanks for playing! Good luck with the 1cc too!

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you liked it!

Thanks a lot for playing! I really like stage 4 as well, glad I was able to create what was in my head with that.

Thanks for checking it out and good luck!

Hello everyone! Tengoku 3 is my latest bullet hell game, featuring 5 stages and an unlockable extra stage. There are 3 playable characters to choose from each with their own story and shot types. There's also a music room to listen to all of the game's songs, and a practice mode where you can practice any of the 5 stages.

You can play the game here, either on browser or download for windows:

Thanks a lot for playing!

Interesting concept, the gameplay is quite varied from button mashing to a rhythm game style section. I love the art and the music, well done!

The character portraits are well made and the bullet patterns have a good balance of being complex and being fun to play and reasonable to dodge. I really liked all of the patterns in this game. The music wasn't that exciting for a boss fight though. The story also ends quite fast but maybe you ran out of time or there is a TLB I am missing.