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Daniel Rosales

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Hey man, I'm writing an article about indie games currently in development for The Loot Gaming and I'm planing to include the superfluous sand, can you give me an email so I can send you a few questions about the project? To include in the article.

Awesome work! I love everything about it XD... Only critique, the UI could be friendlier.

Well it's awesome work for your first game, I hope the advice works for your next project.

The artwork is awesome, but I don't love the concept of mechs that can't move.

Hi, how can I get in touch with the developers? I'm writing an article about indie games in development and would like to include Desert Kill

Created a new topic Tips & Tricks.
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If your having trouble finishing the level, I'll be posting tips once a week.

Tip 1. Defeating the Koloss with the sword.

I made this one intentionally hard to kill in other to force you to look for alternative ways to advance using pushes and pulls, and that's the easiest way to win this fight, while very powerful Koloss are also not smart, so if you get behind them you'll have a few seconds until they realize where you are. So by jumping and pushing from his sword you can easily get behind him and score melee hits.

I won't lie it's still pretty hard, took me a few tries to record that, but in the end you get his sword!

Created a new topic Pause menu 'P'

In case you run out of power, or just want to pause the game, the pause menu key-bind is 'P'