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need to select ‘App’ as the root folder

Actually if you specify as the root C:/My/App, then inside the PCK there will be paths without App.

I think I need to add a preview of the paths inside the PCK 😅 (link)

It is also probably worth adding packing and extraction modes that would take into account only filtered/visible elements. (link)

Regarding the prefix, I created a issue

When you pack the PCK, you specify the root folder that will be packed with the hierarchy preserved. First, unpack the PCK somewhere, then change the contents of the extracted files and specify the same folder when packing.

  • But there are problems here: Firstly, usually exported resources/textures are not located like res://Graphic/icon.png'. This path usually contains a remap file that references file inside .godot/imported`.
  • Secondly, this image can be loaded from the script, which will also have to be changed.

Oh, yes, this program does not support Godot 3 Encryption yet. So you can use it to open and unpack files, but they will remain encrypted.

This program, as I understand, it only works with Godot 3. Because it could not get the key from my Godot 4.0.2 test program.

But I like the idea of this program and I thought I would do a scan of the assembler of the program myself. But then I decided that it would be more difficult and I have already made my own program that iterates through all the bytes of the engine in search of the key. It is much slower (2-6 minutes), but thanks to this program I have greatly optimized GodotPCKExplorer.

Later, I may implement a key search in the assembler of the program.

Yes, it works with Encrypted PCKs, BUT you have to get the key yourself. Later, I’ll try to add some kind of “hacking” logic, probably it will be a separate program.

If you have an encrypted project, can you provide a link to it (exe + pck)? I will use it during development, if it is possible to get the key at all…

I have already written about this. In short, the problem is anti-cheats.

Probably a code signing certificate is needed to avoid problems, but it costs money.

If you want your own build, then I have a little guide: In general, you can build Godot as usual, but with an additional module. Or download it here in the “Download” section.

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You might need to ask your friends who have a Mac.

I don’t have such friends.

As a result, I spent a whole day installing macOS to confirm in a couple of minutes that everything was working as before.

The mode with auto server search does not work on macOS and will not, as I wrote above. To connect, you need to change the “Connection Type” to “WiFi” in the application and specify the address of your mac.

Use the ifconfig command in the terminal to find out the address of the computer on the local network (192.168.*.*). It is also advisable to activate this parameter in the editor debug/godot_remote/general/use_static_port. In short, you need to run the editor downloaded from here, and run your project in it. Then your running project should be displayed in the Godot Remote app on your smartphone.

I apologize for such a delay in responding. doesn’t send me notifications for some reason :(

Do you mean that it doesn’t work at all or you can’t find a running server in automatic mode? It’s just that macOS “cares about your security” and does not allow the use of UDP broadcast, which is used on other platforms to automatically determine the server address. If this is the problem, then you just need to manually specify the address of your macOS device in the application.

I apologize for such a delay in responding. doesn’t send me notifications for some reason :(

I have made a request to add this feature obsproject/obs-websocket#1047

I have already written about this in the github repository. Shortly: I couldn’t find an event in obs-websocket that would trigger when saving a screenshot. You need to first ask to add this event to the obs-websocket repository.

Thanks 🙂

I recently updated OBS Notifier and added a patched version of obs-websocket-compat.

I am currently using my patch for obs-websocket-compat 4.9.1, OBS Notifier 1.0.5 and OBS 28.0.1. But yes, some other plugins no longer work in OBS 28.

Version 1.0.5 is available. Check how it works now.

Today I will update the application with libraries that support the “Replay Saved” event. It will still be 4.9.1, but with OBS 28 support.

If you have upgraded to OBS 28 and are using the compat version of obs-websocket, then this is normal behavior. Previously, I modified the regular (non-compat) version of obs-websocket to support this event.

At the moment I’m trying to get rid of most of the bugs while switching to the v5 version of obs-websocket. But perhaps there are still problems in the obs-websocket-dotnet library itself, which I use… I’ll probably try to update the compat version of the library first and release a new version with it.

I can no longer imagine how to use replays in OBS without these notifications 😅

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Yes, fullscreen notifications would be useful. But fullscreen mode means that the game window is displayed directly on the screen, so no other windows can be displayed. I know that in order to display overlays, you need to look for processes and integrate into them, but anti-cheats can consider this as hacking the game. It’s probably worth trying to add a mode where the notification window ignores all clicks and is displayed on top of borderless windows, but anti-cheats can also consider this hacking of the game.

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Thanks :)

Displaying notifications about saving replays is the main reason for creating this application.

In obs-websocket version 4.9.1, there is no support for the replay save event. So I had to make a modified version of the plugin. It is located in the custom_libs folder. I just wrote about installing this on the obs forum