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Feedback for Drift Delivery V0.7:

First of all - I just wanted to say, this game is brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Yet another amazing mechanic, its start to become the norm from your games.

I'm going to break it into two parts,  what I enjoyed and what I would improve upon.  I'll also attach a video of my gameplay, I recommend not downloading it because its quite a big file and instead streaming it in browser. 

What I enjoyed:  
  • The mechanic. It was great. I start off terrible, finished slightly less terrible. Which is okay, because I could feel myself getting better (which is the important part).
  • The tutorial. Very clear, objectives were also very well highlighted.
  • The CAKE. Beautiful, the soft body physics, the falling apart. Brilliant piece of conflict to prevent the player drifting as hard as they can with precious cargo. (Even though I dropped mine immediately).
  • Being towed out of water. Oddly satisfying?
  • The attention to detail, running out fuel, towing, etc made it all feel like a well thought out game. 
  • Loved the progression as the days go by, bridge being built and the map being expanded. Show the player in a smaller area and then give them more and more to do. Brilliant.
  • The downhill intro road, great for warming up and getting into it. 
  • Interactive start menu was very nice. 
What I would improve upon: 
  • The tutorial test blended with the shadow too much making it hard to read. I eventually just went with the visual aids not the UI. 
  • I'd make the timer for the days going by count down and not up - I didn't know if that the days ended at first. By the third day I could tell slightly by the lighting. 
  • The payout for missions could be slightly higher, I was spending more on fuel than I was making. (I'm also just not good at the game).
  • The edges of the bridge didn't have colliders. 

Link to my gameplay:

Feedback for build 1.3:

Looks good! Nice aesthetic and vibe. I'm going to break the feedback into three parts, what I enjoyed, what I think could be improved and bugs I found. I'll also attach a link to a video of me playing, moments where I sit still is me taking notes.

What I enjoyed:
  • Feel of the game. It felt like an office, the layout is spot on.
  • The mechanic was fun (which is the most important part), although at times confusing.
  • Adding previous work as decor. I loved spotting previous projects around the office in different areas, very well done.

What I think could be improved:

  • Possession of objects, I want to possess more stuff. It didn't make sense why I could possess a table chair, but not a chair on wheels. I want the things I possess to do more, like firing the flare gun (not to deal damage, just for fun) or exploding the fish tank.
    • Having each object you possess do a unique thing. like the toaster would pop toast, the table could slam to the floor and the coffee machine would spill bean juice everywhere.
  • The candles need to stand out more from the environment, and do something juicier when you find them - particle effect, more rewarding than the flame (but also keep the current flame). I found them difficult to find and looked very similar to toilet paper. Maybe make the wax a different colour.
  • I would like to cancel a possession with space, lets say I possess the wrong thing, I need to wait for it to end instead of being able to cancel it.
  • The office man saw me through the walls even when he was using a urinal. 
Bugs I found: 
  • I possessed the robot from inside the cupboard and even though the door wasn't open he was able to leave.
  • Possessed the candles even after I returned them, making my float about in midair for a while.
  • I think at one point it completely bugged so I reset. 

Link to my gameplay (it might help clarify anything):

Feedback for build v0.2

Really enjoy the game, beautiful concept and well executed. I'm going to list what I did and didn't enjoy, as well as a link to a video of my play through. 

what I did enjoy:

  • great level design, the first three levels are beautiful - more aesthetic than challenging but a brilliant introduction to the game. Set the tone well and make the monochromatic theme pop
  • love the monochromatic theme - brilliant take on duality and states. 
  • Good utilisation of white and black spaces to make them compliment each other.
  • The character wrapping around the screen makes for interesting levels and opens avenues. 
What I think could be improved:
  • More levels. More Levels. More Levels.
  • The red felt too red, maybe tone it down slightly.
  • I found The level design of the last level was lack luster, especially since the others were very enjoyable.
  • the particle effect in the finale level felt forced and didn't serve a purpose. since it was red I presumed it represented danger which it didn't. i didn't understand what is signified.
  • I found a bug - pressing shift as the character is moving between the bottom and top of the screen causes them to disappear and not reappear.
What i would like to see:
  • Gravity reverse when I changed states, if I was a white square, I'm pulled downward. If  I'm a black square, to be pulled upward.
Link to my video playthrough:

This is feedback for the V1.5 build. 

First of all - significantly less bunnies, I do like the change in aesthetic however. Its looking great! I'm doing to copy Anton and list what I liked, and areas I think could be improved.

What I enjoyed:  
  • I found the opacity fade on objects as the camera got close to them satisfying, the shadow change is nice too
  • Overall aesthetic is consistent and nice, the UI fits well with the background and makes the score indicators pop. 
  • The tutorial was overall helpful at contextualising and explaining the game.
  • Variation of enemies was nice, especially the huge enemies. When I first saw a mega foot it was a "wow" moment.
  • The juice was satisfying, good feedback on the actions the player does. Good indicators as to the change in health of enemies.
What I feel could be improved: 
  • The tutorial text was hard to read and focus on, I feel it would be easier if it was smaller. It felt like I was reading it character by character instead of word by word.
  • Small changes in direction dramatically slow the character down, meaning enemies can catch up with you much quicker, this ultimately lead to my death in the first play through.
  • Shooting felt very inaccurate, especially if the enemies were far away. This is since the shooting is based on the characters forward vector, but if it was based on the direction of the click relative to the players position in the world, it would be easier to aim.
    •  (clickLocation - player.transform.position).normalized - pseudo code example in case the explanation wasn't clear.
  • I want to be able to shoot backwards, since I spend most of the time with enemies running behind me, trying to shoot them involved sharp 180 degree turns, a quick click, then running back before I could get hit

Overall I think it's good fun, and I'm really excited to see where you take it!