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Feedback for build 1.3:

Looks good! Nice aesthetic and vibe. I'm going to break the feedback into three parts, what I enjoyed, what I think could be improved and bugs I found. I'll also attach a link to a video of me playing, moments where I sit still is me taking notes.

What I enjoyed:
  • Feel of the game. It felt like an office, the layout is spot on.
  • The mechanic was fun (which is the most important part), although at times confusing.
  • Adding previous work as decor. I loved spotting previous projects around the office in different areas, very well done.

What I think could be improved:

  • Possession of objects, I want to possess more stuff. It didn't make sense why I could possess a table chair, but not a chair on wheels. I want the things I possess to do more, like firing the flare gun (not to deal damage, just for fun) or exploding the fish tank.
    • Having each object you possess do a unique thing. like the toaster would pop toast, the table could slam to the floor and the coffee machine would spill bean juice everywhere.
  • The candles need to stand out more from the environment, and do something juicier when you find them - particle effect, more rewarding than the flame (but also keep the current flame). I found them difficult to find and looked very similar to toilet paper. Maybe make the wax a different colour.
  • I would like to cancel a possession with space, lets say I possess the wrong thing, I need to wait for it to end instead of being able to cancel it.
  • The office man saw me through the walls even when he was using a urinal. 
Bugs I found: 
  • I possessed the robot from inside the cupboard and even though the door wasn't open he was able to leave.
  • Possessed the candles even after I returned them, making my float about in midair for a while.
  • I think at one point it completely bugged so I reset. 

Link to my gameplay (it might help clarify anything):