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This is feedback for the V1.5 build. 

First of all - significantly less bunnies, I do like the change in aesthetic however. Its looking great! I'm doing to copy Anton and list what I liked, and areas I think could be improved.

What I enjoyed:  
  • I found the opacity fade on objects as the camera got close to them satisfying, the shadow change is nice too
  • Overall aesthetic is consistent and nice, the UI fits well with the background and makes the score indicators pop. 
  • The tutorial was overall helpful at contextualising and explaining the game.
  • Variation of enemies was nice, especially the huge enemies. When I first saw a mega foot it was a "wow" moment.
  • The juice was satisfying, good feedback on the actions the player does. Good indicators as to the change in health of enemies.
What I feel could be improved: 
  • The tutorial text was hard to read and focus on, I feel it would be easier if it was smaller. It felt like I was reading it character by character instead of word by word.
  • Small changes in direction dramatically slow the character down, meaning enemies can catch up with you much quicker, this ultimately lead to my death in the first play through.
  • Shooting felt very inaccurate, especially if the enemies were far away. This is since the shooting is based on the characters forward vector, but if it was based on the direction of the click relative to the players position in the world, it would be easier to aim.
    •  (clickLocation - player.transform.position).normalized - pseudo code example in case the explanation wasn't clear.
  • I want to be able to shoot backwards, since I spend most of the time with enemies running behind me, trying to shoot them involved sharp 180 degree turns, a quick click, then running back before I could get hit

Overall I think it's good fun, and I'm really excited to see where you take it!