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i'm glad you liked it! and i definitely encourage fanwork! 

does it show now?

glad you enjoyed it!

thank you for the kind words!!!

thank you so much for the lovely comment! i can't tell you how much responses like this mean to me!

i'm glad you liked my girls so much! thanks again!

thank YOU for playing it!

oh wow, thank you so much for this! i'm glad the game resonated so strongly with you!

thank you!

i'm glad you enjoyed it!

awww, thank you!

ahhh, i'm so glad it stuck with you so much! thank you so much for the lovely comment, i love feedback like this!

oh wow, i can't tell you how much this comment means to me. ulc became a really personal project to me, and i really hoped it would touch some people. im glad you enjoyed the game so much! thank you so much for the kind words!

also, forgot to say, i have to thank for the game's great UI!!

oh wow!!! well first off, thanks so much for the nice feedback! 

yeah, "horror" is probably a bit of a strong description, especially with a certain very popular horror themed visual novel still in the public eye, but i think it applies to this game due to the atmosphere and my inspirations for it. i think out of the bad ends, there is one that might typically be more of a "horror" ending.

and wow, wow! i did not expect anyone to make a playthrough for this!! thank you so much! i will definitely want to watch this later! (small note, it looks like you made a typo in the link in the video's description. not to nitpick, just letting you know!)

this comment seriously made my day! thanks so much!

US LOVELY CORPSES, aka the world's first official Sad Girl Simulator (trademark pending), is a short surreal-horror-romance visual novel about helping a friend. Go through the house, cut the roses, and save the girl. Just remember: the monster knows you're here. There will be puzzles that you can only solve with hints from the roses, so try to keep an open ear.

But keep in mind you may not want to hear everything these flowers have to say.

Us Lovely Corpses is my first visual novel, and is available at a pay-what-you-want rate.Paying the suggested 2 dollar fee also gets you access to a collection of the game's art along with some of my commentary. 

(music by LydianChord,  GUI and general Ren'py help by BáiYù)

i'm so glad to see this is out!

here's what may be this series's first fan theory: the reason Cima got all up in Xio's space like that... is because she didn't have her glasses on, so she couldn't see her too well

thank you so much! it really means a lot to me that you've written so much about your response and that you had such a big response to the game in the first place! i really appreciate it!

sorry to hear that! can you be more specific about what isn't working? is the file not downloading? are you not able to play it in your browser? i should note i've only tested in google chrome, and while it should in theory work in all browsers, it's possible that it doesn't.