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Hey, it's taking me forever to get into a match. Been waiting 5 minutes and haven't got into one.

Usually it's almost instant it matches so quick. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

I'm not sure why but I can't see my project in the dropdown so I can't submit it :/

Not sure what to do?

You're supposed to turn into a butterfly once you reach a certain amount of food, but I didn't have time to do that haha

Thank you!

Dathis#0058 !

I could use a concept artist! I can't draw worth a damn so that would make the art alot easier haha Dathis#0058


I'm a Godot developer who very interested in the world building aspects. I have a bit of Godot knowledge but I could really use someone with great music taste or more experience designing models and characters. 

I'd love to have your music in my game! 

Very hard! Wish I could've used the mouse cause I couldn't get a hang of the keys haha. Loved the game though, very addicting and great sound design

I like it! The simplicity of the graphics reminds me of playing flash games in the computer lab when I was supposed to be working XD.

A few things I think could have improved the game are some type of mouse capture, I couldn't really get a hang of using the net right. Music to go along with it. And a mechanic where if you grab too much of something you could lose or get a negative score.

Great game! It's kinda hard to get used to that splitting mechanic but the game has so much atmosphere you just want to keep going!

Thanks for playing!

Yea haha, I only had 12 hours left to make the game, and it's only the second one I've ever made so I ran into a lot of issues I didn't have the experience to overcome. But it was very fun!

I had my game ready to upload before the deadline but I couldn't get it to show up in the select menu to submit it. Can I get some help here?

Thanks for playing! Right click to deposit. You can see the number go up for anthill top right of screen


:0 I didn't even think of optimizing it! But that something I'll def keep in mind my next game! Thanks!

Thanks! Yea I didn't have time to add the shooting sound and weapon sway like I wanted. Thanks for playing!

Not at all! Doing my last round tomorrow!

Thank you! You Right click to put food in the nest.

The game is actually a survival horror if you look at the tags! It's part fps and part resource manager. When you kill an enemy they drop the yellow balls that are food. 

The trick is to carefully manage enemy position, food on hand, and food in anthill and try not to over shoot wastefully!

Gonna retry it soon!

haha, yea if you check the tags it's supposed to be a survival horror shooter :p

I loved playing it! Please keep working on it so I can buy the full game one day!

Thank you!

Coming from you, that means a lot!

Is it not loading? What browser are you using?

No problem at all!

No problem, it was great!

Could you review !

I'd love some feedback for !

I actually thought the sensitivity was fine! My main problem was the mouse not being captured by the game haha

I was! But I also played in without full-screen and it worked perfectly. I still couldn't get past the first level though XD

Here's My Gameplay! 37:24!

Here's My Gameplay! 31:10!

Here's My Gameplay! 25:55!

Here's My Gameplay! 21:25!

Here's My Gameplay! 17:47!

Here's My Gameplay! 13:10!

Here's My Gameplay! 9:12 mark!