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Fun game, liked the minimalistic look, had to get used to the controls, but it was a really nice game!

Obviously not finished, but i had fun completing the loop 2 or 3 times.

It's a fun concept, but it really should have a speed up button, because it's more of a waiting game than a puzzle game.

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A bit too hard to control, but nice idea. after the car get misaligned with the street the game gets a bit frustrating, plus, it's way better to play holding tab.

Cool game, liked the graphics (even though i found them to be a bit wierd). I don't know if i missed anything but for me it was a game of pressing W and Q and jumping till I got to the flag, got a bit repetitive after a while.

Pretty fun, got sad when my gun died for me to complete the level :(
Loved the idea, the gameplay is great too!

A bit hard to understand at first, but then I realized it was more simple than it seemed, it's a very interesting idea, but got boring really quick. Still a really nice and original idea!

Loved the mechanics of the game, the visuals are good too. The character is way too cute <3.

Really fun game! Quite a bit hard to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it's really great!

So sad i couldn't play it in full screen, the experience was epic anyways! good job!

Everything about this game is just so good! The art style, the presentation, sound, everything, i played it to the end, twice! nice job!

Too hard for my small brain :( Loved it anyways!

Cool game, had a bit of problem with the controlls and finding the objective, but it's nice.

Couldn't get the car to move, but laughed a lot while trying, great game!

Cool concept, but I guess there's a bug where the game ends after 3 cars, they crashing or not.

Really liked the game, the only downside is the extreme rng, got stuck in second screen for about 5 minutes thanks to the aim never spawning right above my head :(

Loved the art and the ctrl+keys theme.


It's a fine game, loved the art! A bit on the easy side though.

Loved everything! the sound, the visuals, the idea! 

Pretty fun game! Eyes kinda started to hurt a little bit on 100mph speed, maybe if the camera was a bit more zoomed out it would be fine.

$3800 is my record.